What enclosure do I use to replace optical drive with hybrid drive?


I want to replace my optical drive but I'm getting confused about what I need because my macbook pro is a not a unibody. Its a Santa Rosa and I want to replace the optical drive with a 1 TB SSD Hybrid Sata 6 gb 2.5 inch hard drive. Do I need an enclosure? Is it different or the same as the unibody one? IS my computer to old for this?

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You may not be able to do that, When this Mac was designed and built there were no 1TB laptop drives, no SATA iii drives at all and only a few SATA II drives(many of todays off the shelf SATA drives are SATA II and III) it has a main HD connector speed of type SATA I (1.5GB).

To avoid return/restock fees I would only purchase a drive with optibay caddy included from a vendor that guaranteed it will work. iFixit has a kit that will support a 1TB standard drive... I know of no one that makes an optibay kit that will put any size SSD in this age machine.

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But MCE Technologies seems to sell an Optibay for Non-unibody Macbook Pros from waaaaay back in 2008 or even 2007. There website seems to think it will work, as does crucial.com. I ran crucial.com's scanner app, and it came up with my computer and a several ssd compatible devices. Are these places trying to scam people? I guess I'm still wondering about this. Anybody else know anything about this?


Not at all - however you should be in contact/discussion with the vendors, and, I would not buy from them unless they guarantee no restock/return dees if their equipment doesn't perform as advertised.


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