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Recover iPad Pictures after Apple Factory Reset


I have a 2 part question. After contacting Apple Support because my iPad was freezing they guided me to do an iCloud Back-Up and then delete my account to re-synced with the iCloud back up. Unfortunately the Apple agent did not verify our 'Manage iCloud storage' to see that out 'Camera Roll' Pictures were turned off. This deleted 4 years of very important pictures (to say the very least). I was transferred to an Apple Senior Supervisor, who admitted his agent's mistake and said that there was nothing they can do.

The Senior Supervisor tried to send us and 'iPod Nano' as compensation ($150.00) and said that we would have to try and find an Apple certified retailer to try and recuperate the lost data (pictures) on our own and AT OUR EXPENSE.

This is a nightmare and what Apple is offering is a joke. I searched the Internet for programs to recuperate the data to no avail.

1. Please advise if there is any way (software or other) to recuperate these deleted pictures (as they were not backup anywhere) as the only way would be via the hard-disk on the iPad.

2. Please also advise what course of action to take with Apple as what they are offering is a sub-standard brush off.

Thank you for your time and effort

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I did an "update" on my IPad . . . all info is gone! Apple said they do NOT do data recovery! The company they recommended said it would cost between $1600 to up to $6,000.00 to recover my pictures! Apple should be responsible . . . maybe its time to contact an attorney, especially for that $6,000.00 price tag!


No a lawyer cannot help. You agreed that Apple is not responsible for any data a losses.


Hi I have problem my iPad is disabled because of entering so many times of wrong passcode, I already forgot the passcode I've input because I used my iPad frequently, when my brother already reset my iPad all the data and camera roll which really so important to me was deleted, I want to ask if there's a way to recover even my pictures data only please thanks


After factory reset your iPad or iPhone, then all the data in your iPad or iPhone will gone forever unless you have a backup using iTunes or other OS-X/MacOS or iOS backup app.


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Your picture is very unlikely to come back. ios devices have AES-256 encryption. Even if the file system data can still be dumped from the flash chip, it's easier to make up new photos than trying to crack it.

Erase all content and settings

The “Erase all content and settings” option in Settings obliterates all the keys in Effaceable Storage, rendering all user data on the device cryptographically inaccessible. Therefore, it’s an ideal way to be sure all personal information is removed from a device before giving

it to somebody else or returning it for service. Important: Do not use the “Erase all content and settings” option until the device has been backed up, as there is no way to recover the erased data.

From ios security overview

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Thank you for your comment, as this was something that was explained to me, but regardless I have hard time believing that nothing can be done. Some one knows something. I'll keep looking.


You don't argue with cryptography. Not even NSA can hack into a properly configured ipad, let alone a wiped one


Sorry to say but if iPad is wiped and no backup was made all is lost no simple way about it...


Feel free to read this guide to know how you can recover photos from iPad.


Actually , after you did factory reset , the iPad's data has been deleted completely , to recocver them back you need to spend more time and energy restoring them


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Well, there are several methods you can take a try.

Method 1: Recover from recently deleted folder in iCloud

Login your iCloud account via web browser, then click on “Photos” and select “Albums” at the top. Select the photos to recover by clicking “Recently Deleted album”.

Method 2: Use iPhone data recovery toolkit to recover when you didn’t backup

If the above method doesn’t work, try to use iPhone data recovery program to retrieve them, like FORecovery. Just download the software and connect your PC. Next, click on “Data Recovery” and choose “Recover from iOS Device”. Choose pics to recover, and you can easily get your deleted pics through this program.

Hope this can help you to retrieve deleted pictures from iPad after factory reset.

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hello adrian , the overwritten data is from older to the newer or the newer to the older


I know what you are going to do after the pictures has been deleted , when i lost all my photos on iPhone, i regarded it as a big disaster. to get back deleted photos , i have found many way to solve this problem ,fortunately , the lost photos has regained on my phone , If you wan restore deleted pictures from your iPad ,

Get it :


To restore lost data from iPhone after Restore to Factory Settings, there are two different modes: "Recover from iOS Devices directly", "Recover iPhone data from iCloud backup files" and "Recover from iTunes Backup Files".

Read the use guides: How to recover iPhone lost data after iOS 9 upgrading?

Recover iPhone Data on Mac after iOS 9 Update

Recover data from iOS 9 devices


For more convenient way to extract ipad data from backup. You can not use your iTunes or iCloud backup directly. Coolmuster iPhone Backup Extractor can also help you to do that with less steps.

iPad data recovery from iphone backup


At least try your luck with iOS data recovery software. Some of them claim to recover 100% of data from iPADS and iPhones. Here the lists follows - and

Hope it works for you!!!


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The new iOS 10 Beta comes with a lot of cool new features. This is the main reason many people want to get the chance to try out the new iOS update.

Here i found a usefull article on Recover Lost Data from iPhone iPad After iOS 10 Update

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