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What are the Ryobi Charger Resistor Values inside the unit?

I have the Ryobi 9.6v 1400673 base, From the internal works of the Fried board, and non fried or discolored resistor.

The Smaller one is a 330 ohm Resistor(Orange-Orange-Brown-Gold)....

I THINK.... I might be Wrong.

The Bigger Gray one, I cant even tell,

BUT I think it was a...

Orange???-Yellow???-?????(I cant tell White? Gray? Silver? It looks blown off or melted)-?????(looks Black But from the macro pic I took, bits of it look Gold.)

These are all a guess since they could have been faded due to the heat.

I still cant find the Schematics, anyone find any at all? Or Maybe open up one and see the Resistors and then Post them I have only 1 base, and no one around me has the same model number. If I had the resistor bands from a non fried base, then making the board I can do I have everything to make the bored so I am not worried. Just need the color codes.

I did try yellow yellow brn gld, on the smaller one, it gave slight errors so I know that ain't the right one plus it made it 440ohm as well with that combo.

org org brn gld made it 330ohm.

Yes to answer all your questions, I can solder and De-solder, and yes I CAN make my own boards.

AND YES... IF anyone needs the board after I find the resistor value for this model... I don't/wont mind making one for you guys too. Yes I have LEDs too even a green one vs a red one, I think I have blue too.. which I might just change out for the heck of it.

I did test them with my multimeter, and unless I am WAY off these resistors are to low themselves.

From what I can see...

What I multimetered it at was 217-220, +/- 10.... roughly 230 IF the resistor is bad then it might be 330.

If the the colors I was guessing were orange in color, bled faded to what i see orange orange brown gold (330Ω), OR it really bled from colors of red red brown gold, that is 220Ω.....

Over 100off. See my problem.

I hope I can get someone out there to open up their WORKING 9.6v Charger Base, and just tell me the bands, that is all i really need... PLEASE help.

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That is an amazing question. Perhaps you can find part numbers or board manufacturer's names on the fried board, and cross reference that with other drill manufactures that may have used the board in their ni-cad or Li-on chargers.

Or, since you seem quite savvy on the e- end of things, perhaps just cut the Gordian Knot on this and build your own board with the proper voltage/amp/ohms outputs and wire it into the Ryobi interface pins. If you are good enough, which it sounds like you are, you can probably build in a smart circuit so as not to over charge and to battery tend while it is sitting around.

Just a suggestion,


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Been thinking about that myself actually. I do have all the supplies to do the smarter circuit... the problem I have is sadly, I have to fit it on the same size board, the charger itself doesnt leave any room inside for the PCB it came with. Very small, 1in x 1.5in PCB, very small. That is what I ran into.

But hopefully someone out there, will be able to have a charger base, and just open it up for me, and look and tell or take a picture of the bands, and then throw them my way.

THankfully for me this is a household use everyday drill... so it isnt a neccessity to get it fix ASAP type of thing, but I still would like to know myself.

Thank you for the suggestion, you did actually read my mind.

I might actually do that, and have it removeable/interchangeable. For myself.



I hope someone does have it to show you. But you could leave the circuit on the exterior of the charger frame, piggyback style, and drill a port to wire output through. Then hook that up inside the 'regular' charger base.



Yeh so do i.

Yeh, you are right... didnt think about that.... Was trying to go for a clean look of all inside.

If ifixit, would do IMG's or there of on the posts, I could show you, on something so minor can be such pita. It is quite amusing.


You actually should be able to attach an image. I saw your question posted on several other websites, and I can tell the color bands on the resistors either.


Yeah, there's an images tab at the bottom of the page. You should edit your question and add the image.


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