I'm Sterling! I work for iFixit as a coder. I've used Macs most of my life, but I've also built a couple PCs, and I run a Linux server as a hobby.

I graduated with my BS in Computer Science from Cal Poly SLO in 2012. SLO is a nice place to live, but I now live in Louisville, KY with my girlfriend, Elizabeth, who is getting her PhD in composition and rhetoric from University of Louisville. She's very nice.

I go to QuakeCon in Dallas and Gen Con in Indianapolis every year. I've also started going to the Indy 500.

At iFixit, I do a lot of backend work. I wrote a lot of the Answers section of iFixit along with Nat Welch. More recently, I've been working on some Dozuki features, like release versions and data capture.

I wrote an article that got a fair bit of attention. It's been fun to see people's reactions. Some people say it was a bad move, but it works now, and it didn't before, and I didn't have to spend any money on it, so I'm calling it a win.

I play a Star Craft 2 Arcade game called Star Battle, which is pretty fun.