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Fourth generation of iPad, released November 2, 2012, available in 16, 32, or 64 GB models. Model Number A1458

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How to unlock iPad when its linked to someone else's Apple account?

I bought a secondhand iPad 4.

I'm not sure what is wrong with it. I restored it to factory settings, and now when I try to activate it, it keeps asking me for the previous owner's Apple ID. I don't have his number anymore, what should I do?

Is this iPad pretty much bricked forever?

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any one yet find a solution for bypass apple id

by nipuna

By chance did you try to set it up using icloud?

by skyethespy

did you unlocked your ipad even when was linked to someone apple account?

by Ismael

Hi, i have a ipad 4 model no a1458 and it locked with icloud. Is there are any ways bypass it. Help me!!!!!

by Faheem

Pliz help my ipad as been disabled I need how to unlock model A1458

by peter nkonde

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Bricked forever

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Even when the jailbreak comes out? Can i not bypass this step with jailbreak?

by Kamil

Currently no activation bypass method is available for devices newer than iphone 4, even with jailbreak

by Tom Chai

Bricked, sell it on ebay for parts.

by Synced Repairs NZ

Okay, thank you for the quick reply. Just lost 450€ :(

by Kamil

Call apple support and tell them he proof of purchase and they can fix it

by Elijah Reardon

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Please try to activate the iPad . If iPad shows this device is linked with (abc@icloud.com) then it can be removed easily. if shows this device has been lost or stolen then cannot do anything.

Normal Process: Requirement is the POP(Invoice of the device). If you have the bill of this device.

Just call AppleCare they will assist you better. They will remove this within 3 days. Only if device not been stolen or lost.

AppleCare need only device bill and tell them you are unable to activate the iPad.


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Here is the Apple site to reset your iCloud account: Reset or Unlock your iCloud ID. This will not work if you have someone else's device or can't access the email account you had setup.

Here is the list of Apple docs explaining things Apple Security

by Dan

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my father is deceased and his name is on as a family member but his girlfriend has her email on it. I have the death certificate for my dad but his girlfriend died two weeks prior to him and I do not have hers. will that do?

Update (09/19/2015)

So for all of those posting here unfortunately my uncle passed away and I'm trying to reset his iPad 2.

The problem with Apple is that with Mac laptops and desktops they are able to be returned back to factory settings like when you first get them.

With the iPhones or iPads when it is activated it is locked to that persons Apple ID. According to Apple support in order for me to access the iPad I need to provide them with a certificate of death and court documentation showing I'm the legal representative of the deceased at which point they will delete his Apple ID from their servers which will release the iPad from the Apple account.

In another words unless you can prove ownership or prove the person is dead your screwed! Gotta love Apple I like the security but am not inmpressed with the lack of ability to reset them due to the fact that people forget user account & passwords!

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I am not sure if you have gotten an answer about your fathers deceased girl friend and her death record. Death records are public record so you can either go online and get a copy of it or go to your local court house or library and get a copy of her death certificate. It's public record you do not have to be a family relative to get a copy of the death certificate.

by Lynn Reedy

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Call apple support and give them your proof of purchase and they can fix it

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someone share apple id then her block is account what can i do

by jackyjoe994

@jackyjoe994 - You'll need to visit an Apple Store with proof of purchase.

by Dan

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I was able to bypass the initial setup without the Apple ID or password. After the setup was complete, I went to "settings" -> "iTunes & App Store" -> touch the Registered Apple ID in blue and touch "sign out". You should be able to sign in with your own Apple ID at this point.

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You're not bypassing iCloud lock as your device is not locked.

by Dan

itll ask for password to sign out

by martina

how did you bypass initial setup?

by Heather Arnold

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I seek for assistance about a link on itunes.

its real I fail to download the itunes program in my pc.

I beg for whoever having it send it through my email.


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For this purpose you have to reset your Apple ipad by following below mentioned steps:-

-Connect your Apple iPad with your computer.

-Open iTunes on your system and wait for it to sync with your iPad.

-Once your ipad is synced, you have to create a backup.

-After creating the backup, click on “Restore your device”.

On this subject I referred to the different views submitted by the Apple Customers here and the above mentioned steps are its compilation.

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yes but even if you do this it will still ask for the previous owners passcode to delete

by martina

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