MacBook Pro shuts down while booting

Recently my MacBook Pro will shut down while booting up. Sometimes it makes it to the "Apple" logo and chime but most of the time it will just shutdown. I have tried all the "so-called" quick fixes i.e.:SOLUTION #1: Resetting your display.

1. With your computer on as normal, press COMMAND, SHIFT, ESC, EJECT (the key for taking out CD's).

2. Hold those keys until your screen goes black.

3. When it goes black, release your fingers from the keys.

4. When the screen goes on again, your mouse should go back to normal (it did for me).

*This solution resets your display. IDK why it works for making your mouse go back to normal, but it does.

SOLUTION #2: Resetting your computer (it doesn't change settings or anything like that).

1. Take out your battery (if you have an older MacBook).

2. Take it out, set it aside, grab the power cord.

3. Take the computer (without the battery or the power cord plugged in) and press the power button for 10 seconds.

4. Then, after that, take the power cord, plug it in the computer (without the battery in), and turn on the computer.

5. As soon as the light goes on, press Command, P, R. (This resets the PRAM)

6. Hold those keys until you hear the start-up chime 3 times. Let go of the keys.

7. Turn the computer off again, stick the battery back in, and turn it on again normally.

*This solution resets something. I (and the people at MacRumors) don't know what it resets, but it does work for making your mouse go back to normal!

SOLUTION #3: Resetting your PRAM.

1. Shut down your computer like normal.

2. Restart it like normal, and as soon as the light comes on, press Command, P, R.

3. Hold these keys until you hear the start-up chime 3 times. Let go of the keys.

4. When the computer turns on, log in like normal. Wait for everything to load.

5. Once everything is loaded, shut it down and restart it again.

*This solution resets your PRAM. Don't know why it helps with your mouse behavior, but it does!

SOLUTION #4: Booting it into Safe-Mode, then shutting down & restarting again.

1. Shut down your computer.

2. Press the power button.

3. When the grey screen appears, immediately press SHIFT.

4. Hold it.

5. The grey screen should now have a grey bar at the bottom that is loading. Keep holding the shift key.

6. Once it's loaded, it should take you to the normal login screen, only this time it will say "safe mode". Log in like you usually do.

7. Once you're logged in and everything is loaded, shut down and restart your computer again like normal.

8. Log in again.

Note: SOLUTION #3 use to work for me however it does not anymore. Could it be a Logic Board problem? The battery is new and has a charge still. I had t change the battery because it had a "bulge" on it and it was causing my typing to be all over the place when I was typing e-mail's, letters, etc. New hard drive in which I replaced my 80G for a 320G with no problems.

I don't know what else to do. I can replace any part on the MacBook myself without having to go an Apple Store.

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Did this coincide with your new HD? If so there's your problem. Many new HDs are know not to be backward compatible, even those who claim they are. Can you boot into target mode (T key) and open the crash logs? What do you find there?


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