Video Microphone Buzzing after Repair?


I recently followed the iFixit guide to replace a smashed front assembly on my iPhone 4S. All went well and my screen is now fine thankfully, and the phone functions fully... except for a buzzing interference noise instead of audio on any video I shoot with the phone. All other audio input is fine, voice calls, Siri, voice memos etc, but video recording produces this humming audio. I'm guessing I didn't ground / correctly reconnect something somewhere, so does anyone have any idea on the specific area of the iPhone where this problem would occur? Ideally I'd like to whip it open and fiddle about with whatever it is that handles the audio for videos and see if it works again but I have no idea where that microphone / circuitry is within the phone. Thanks very much in advance for your help. :)

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Ive ran into this problem twice, first time i had to replace the audio jack ribbon which fixed the static humming. The second time I did the same thing but with the problem still being there, intermittently anyway. I used 2 different audio jack ribbons to test the issues, with the same result. So I cant say I know what causes the issue but my suggestion would be to open your phone up, disconnect the battery and clean the connector on the ribbon and the board for the audio jack with a Q-Tip and a bit of Isopropyl Alcohol. Put it all back together and see if that helps.

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