Numerous Charging Issues week after spill

My MBA has been experiencing quite a bit of difficulty over the last week. Currently I am concerned about charging issues and booting up the system. Allow me to walk through the series of events and thank you in advance for the help and patience:

  1. Spilled half a cup of water on the top right side of my MBA keyboard a week ago. Immediately pulled out charger but was unable to shut the system down and throughout the day it erratically turned on and off. When i believed it might have been ok i did plug a charger back into it (i know very very dumb) for a second or two but the indicator did not turn on.
  2. Left it in a bag of sealed rice for 3 days
  3. took it to a apple store (some rice got into the machine) and they opened it up, cleaned it, and told me there was some very minor corrosion damage but nothing worth replacing parts. otherwise working fine
  4. brought it home and the computer wouldnt charge (X over the battery symbol). I shut down and reset the SMC and it fixed the issue but then brought on the real trouble.
  5. the cpu started slowing down immediately the next time i turned it on (even though it was working fine after the apple guys opened it up). I saw in the activity monitor that kernal_task was taking up 170%. I tried resetting the SMC and PRAM a few times but to no avail. I received the 3 beep Ram Integrity error twice on startup.
  6. Left the computer running all day and night while charging as i read that this process indexes the mac and it could take time
  7. the next day the cpu was running well however iStat informed me that the CPU was over 60 degrees celsius(140F). once a day for the next couple days it would slow down like crazy after a reboot but be fine after 20 minutes.
  8. yesterday i was using the mba in the morning in my bedroom with my charger and shifted to another room, unplugged the charger and moved to another outlet and suddenly the charger stopped working and the computer wouldn't charge
  9. switched to my friends charger and the indicator on the magsafe would only stay green and the mba couldn't start up. let it stay plugged in for a few hours but nothing.then unplugged for a few hours
  10. upon plugging back in the magsafe turned orange and it was able to start up again! for some reason istat couldn't tell me any temperature or fan details... (the fan sounded like it was running at 10k) decided to let it charge overnight
  11. when i woke up over 8 hrs later the indicator was still orange. it starts up fine but the fan is still blowing and now there is an X over the battery. the computer is still running after not being plugged in to an outlet for over half an hour (still showing X)

i apologize for the long long issue but its been a stressful confusing week. i think its certain there is some hardware issue but am hoping its just the battery or connectors and the logic board hasn't been fried.

can anyone make any sense of this? all help is appreciated, i will return to the apple store today and let you know what they say. just posted here in case they do say I need to make over $500 of replacements.

thanks again

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A friend asked me yesterday to check his MBP 13" mid-2012. The unit was damaged by water poured on the keyboard. Before, the laptop was inspected by Apple who told my friend that the logic board, the top case, the fan, the hard drive cable needed to be replaced, a $830 bill. The MBP did not power on but had a steady green led at the magsafe tip and the battery was charging ok. I opened the machine and checked the voltages at the G3hot line on the power pads needing 3.42V for a correct voltage, voltage was OK. Checked the LVDS connector and socket, OK, checked the backlight fuse for continuity, OK. So I removed the logic board and checked the DC in board by installing a known working one and tested the power fuse located near the magsafe connector. All good voltages on board. Just cleaned the board with isopropyl alcohol (90%) and reinstalled it in the machine. Bingo, machine was working perfectly....not parts to replace at all. Maybe I was lucky on this one LOL...

Be aware that the genius at the Apple Store are not tech guys. They replace parts...... and I'm asking myself if they do know how to test them because it's not the first time I work on machine that needs a new logic board, according to Apple techs, but finally simply needs a cleaning or only a hard drive cable...

Remove and clean your board, residues and corrosion could be the cause of your currents problems.

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