The PlayStation 3 (or commonly known as the PS3) is the third home computer entertainment system produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, and the successor to the PlayStation 2. It was released November 11, 2006

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Why diddint the ylod kit work for me?

I have a 40gb playstation 3 that is about 5yrs old. It recently went out, caught the ylod. It was probably my fault I just got 2k13 and to build up my player I would run the game a lot on coach mode. Coach mode is pretty much like putting your game on auto pilot, you get all the credit for doing nothing. So I did that for like 3 months straight almost all day every day, which started making my playstation make a humming sound, like the fan was running hard or something. Then all of a sudden it would randomly turn off after about an hour of play and beep and blink a red light not a yellow. It did that for about a week or so then one day it jus didn't turn on at all. It would beep a couple of times when I pushed the power button and immediately show the yellow light and turn it self off blinking the red ligt. So I went online and did some investigating, checking out videos on you tube and trying out stuff like the hair dryer heating and cooling method and nothing would work. Then I came across the ifixit ylod video with some hot nerdy tech check takeing a ps3 completely apart and useing a kit to re flow the mother board. So I looked up the web site, ordered the kit and immediately went to work on my playstation when it came in. Following the guide on the web site and watching your video a dozen more times I felt ready and confidant to go ahead with the process. When I opened up my playstation I realized that mine didn't look like the one in the guide or video. I still went on and eventually I got down to the mother board. I cleaned it up and took off all the old paste and pads, then heated it up getting the mother board warmed up and the chips even warmer. I let it cool and applied the new paste and pads, put it all back together and almost cried when I saw the yellow light flash and turn red beeping at me like it was laughing at me. I really thought that I did everything right and I was expecting for it to stay on with a green light jus how that girls playstation did in the video. I feel like I wasted 50 bucks for nothing. I'm a full time student who barley has money for lunch at times. I can't afford to buy a new playstation and I don't want to give up on mine, please help)-;

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Most Helpful Answer in the last 2 days I've taken my son's PS3 apart and reassembled it 4 times....the 1st time...went right to YLOD....2nd time went right to YLOD....3rd time went green and blue lights for about 5 minutes, as soon as I put a disc in it went back to YLOD....just finished my 4th attempt....keeping my fingers crossed... it has worked so far....left in on for about 45 mins and it was good...we'll see once my son starts playing it....each time I did it...I increased the time and temp of the heat gun....I also found another video about the thermal compound....I was ready to try anything....I read somewhere that it's not always a 1 try fix...sometimes it takes 3-4 times....I'm here is the link I for the application for the thermal compound.... Keep trying and good luck!

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+See one, do one, teach one. Excellent answer:-)


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