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Fifth generation of iPhone. Repair of this device is straightforward, and requires screwdrivers, prying tools, and patience. GSM/CDMA / 16, 32, or 64 GB / Black or White.

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Screen colors all messed up after dropping it

I was unfortunetaly very clumsy today and dropped my Iphone 4S. Even though it had a thick case on the top right corner got a scratch and now the screen shows messed up colors. At first it was all white and I could only see the date at the top. Now I can kinda use it but it's hard to see well and a part of the screen doesn't show at the right bottom. The screen isn't shattered so I'm guessing it's a more internal problem, right? I don't know what to do as it's a phone I bought at Apple store in Canada and I now live in Thailand where there is no official Apple store. I'm still under a regular 1 year warranty. Can somebody advise me what to do? I'm very worried and don't have any friends with IT knowledge here...



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You could try to follow THIS guide to Step 16 and check if all the connectors are connected.

But I think most probably the LCD is broken and you need to replace it.

iPhone 4S Display Assembly Image


iPhone 4S Display Assembly Replacement

Difficulty: Difficult1 hour

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the same thing happened to me. someone bumped into me and my phone fell out of my pocket. you have to go to apple to get it repaired. there going to take off your glass screen and they will replace you bottom screen with another so you don't see the lines on your phone (whatever color they are).

by angelina

how much would this repair cost if I were to go to apple for this same type of damage?

by Brittney Rojas

my iPhone's screen was cracked a little but then it accidentally fell out of my pocket and the button to turn on the iPhone came off,I put it back on and turned it on and my screen was all mest up,is there anyway I can fix it besides going to apple,can I buy a screen and just replace it,are they expensive p?

by lilmickey04

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Same thing happened to my 4... What happened is that wherever it broke, the 'injury' is scrambling the screen's color information. If I lock and unlock my phone, sometimes it shows completely scrambled except for the top status bar, and sometimes only the color is scrambled...

Anyway repair is really the only way to fix it, unless you come up with a workaround. I've enabled the settings that blind people use, so my phone reads to me everything I click, but I don't really need it as sometimes my phone does show up everything just in the wrong color. I know this was posted quite a while ago.

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Help I dropped my iPhone and the top left corner of the screen the screen colour is black and all sorts of colours HELP‼️‼️‼️‼️

by Annonymous0121

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