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Disconnected pin logic board

While cleaning the track pad,after I put the battery back in,where the battery connects to the logic board,on the logic board the terminal came off.I cannot figure how to reconnect it.It looks like it could be either slid in or pressed on.

Picture here:

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viggojensen, just wondering about the Accepted Answer. Puru usually gives sensible answers, but in your case he is definitely wrong. Looks to me like Dan is the one with the answer that is correct....


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Slide in and press from the top so that the sides lock. If the latches are broken, simply glue it only to the sides (left and right) using heavy duty glue or tape it. It should work. If you're unable to manage it, post back and I will think another solution for you. But do it very carefully and not to forget yourself to ground and do not dead force to fix it. It's a logic board you are playing with!

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is there some kind of "sign",a click or pop that would tell me that I have exerted enough force.?


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Sorry to say the connector assy. appears to have broken away from the solder pads. Haven't seen this happen across all of the contacts, your very lucky here! Most of the times the pads them selves are ripped away with the connector.

In this case you can't use glue or do anything other than get to someone who can handle SMT soldering as the connector needs to be re-attached via soldering.

Review the battery connector blown up here Step 3 second image blown up

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I reviewed the step three pict.Do you mean each of those little pins have to be resoldered?

I found that if I just press the connector on firmly,the computer will come on,though acts all wonky.


From your picture it appeared the contacts had been pull off. If they are still there, your even luckier! Carefully, push the plastic block (by it's self, remove the ribbon cable from the block) back on and then use a small amount of Super Glue {gapping type} (cyanoacrylate) at edge of the connector block and the circuit board (stay away from the contacts).


I have the glue,now can I remove the metal contact from the logic board.?Should I keep all glue away from any metal contacts.?.If I should get some glue on the contacts can I remove (the glue),with thinner or dissolver.?


Don't damage the contacts! Nor, put any glue near them! Just a small amount where the plastic block touches the PCB (left and right of the contact area) once you thread the contacts back into the block. Make sure you don't bend any of the contacts and make sure you have bottomed out the block into the contacts (review the iFixIt pic to see where it aligns). The idea here is to secure the block back onto the PCB only.


okay guy's I snapped the block back on,without is on there solid,but it seems kind of funky of apple to have a Mickey Mouse arrangement like this without a way to secure it.

the computer starts up but keyboard input is slow.I broke the retaining piece ( to the keyboard ribbon)but I snugged it up enough,or so I thought.might this be a place to use superglue.?


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