Install an SDD in a MacBook Pro 13" / Mid 2012?


Hi guys,

can i install an SDD in a Macbook Pro 13" / Mid 2012, 2.5GHz model? I search the Guides Section and i haven't found any info on that.

Is it possible? If it is what kind of SDD brand and model would you advised me to buy?


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Thanks for the fast reply David. I would like to have a Dual Drive configuration. I will have to remove the Optical Drive then which i think is mostly usless for work. A fast SDD for the Mac OS X, System and Apps and the original HDD that came with the MacBook Pro to storage music, videos and some files. Do you think that is possible? Do you know a good brand of SDD? I heard Cluster Macsales drive Samsung (expensive than the rest but very good) Vertex Do you know what Apple Fussion is? I heard having a dual drive configuration can be complicated and have some issues regarding software. I hope not. Thanks again and best, S.


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David Hodson



You certainly can install an SSD in your machine, but where do you want it? You can either replace your existing hard disk with an SSD, in which case you'll want to use our hard drive guide. There is also the option of removing your optical drive, though, and replacing it with an SSD installed in an optical bay enclosure.

As for brands and models, we've been really impressed with the speed and reliability of Intel, Crucial, and OCZ solid state drives.

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Unibody Laptop Dual Drive

Add a hard drive to your laptop by replacing the optical drive with a second hard drive. Compatible with all Unibody MacBooks and Unibody MacBook Pros (excluding MacBook Pro Retina). 9.5 mm Internal SATA Optical Bay for SATA Hard Drives. — 50+ available at 39.95 each.

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