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iBook G4 PRAM capacitor deteriorated?

Is there a way to change the PRAM capacitor on an ibook G4 (maybe with soldering). Could this be the reason of my problem anyway?

Problem: when I send it to sleep (also choosing "pause HDD when possible" in energy saving preferences) it goes dead until I unplug power chord and put out RAM, if that does not work unplug power chord and unplug battery does it.

New install of OS 10.4.11 didn't solve the problem.

If I start it from an external drive via firewire sleep does result in shut down as well.

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Are you loosing the date & time? if not your PRAM battery is OK. I don't think its the cause of your problem in either case. HAve you tried resetting the PRAM as well as check if your OS is OK?


Thank you!

As I wrote: "New install of OS 10.4.11 didn't solve the problem."

I do not loose date and time, if I do unplug and put back the charging battery and power-cable quick enough.

Did PRAM reset, of course, too.

I should mention, I have installed a WWD3200BEVE, but I think one would have heard of it, if it was this special model causing the problem. I also do not know, if the sleep-problem was already there before the HDD change.

PS: does someone know a sata-ide adapter that would fit in an ibook G4 12" 1,33GHz (last 2005), to use a sata disk?


Did you reformat the HD or just refresh the OS? You may need to reformat the HD to solve this problem.

As you commented on having one of the known problem Western Digital HD's that also could be a factor here. Here's a vid on the WD hard drive failure Clicking HD This is when it no longer spins up as the spindle motor has ceased.

Do you have a fresh drive you can use here instead of this one?


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Thank you for trying to help and sorry I answer so late!

I did put the Tiger retail disk in and chose "install" (did not choose "archieve and install"), if you mean that. I had a clean install after that, with no upgrades and no additional things added.

I think you do not understand me. I am foreign, but I did not know, that my english was so bad, so sorry. I think I have to explain it once again.

I did NOT know, that this particular drive is known for errors! I said that I think that one WOULD have heard of this drive causing problems in forums (like macrumors and others). Translation: if the Drive was famous for being @@%^, I should have read this in forums.

Second thing I must have explained in a misleading way: My drive is spinning up right and the OS works ok! It does fully load! The Disk Utility does not find any errors! Translation: my drive does not click and it is not dead. Dead meaning, that it does not move anymore, because the motor is defective.

In an additional attempt I used a fresh drive via firewire (like I mentioned before) and the Problem was still there (again, my problem is, that the OS goes into shut down instead of sleep and I have to unplug everything to get it alive again. If I disable sleep mode in energy savings and "stop disk if possible", everything is ok).

I am sorry my English is so bad and hope you can help me easier with the clarifications I made.

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PS: I'd like to add a possible solution.

Again, the Problem description is: ibook G4 shuts down when put into sleep mode and won't start again until you disconnect power chord and battery.

Possible solution/reason: DC/in board is probably defective and can't hold low power state that is needed for spleep. Solution is to swap the DC-board for a new one.


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