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MacBook Unibody (Model A1342) Trackpad


Product code: IF160-046-1
Apple Part #: 922-9551, 922-9175, 661-5591

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Includes trackpad cable and shown screws.


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  • All Unibody (Model A1342) 13" MacBooks

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6 month warranty

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MacBook Unibody Model A1342
2.26 GHz (A1342)
2.4 GHz (A1342)


My Problem

Clorox Wipe + Trackpad = No Bueno

My Fix

15 mins start to finish, instructions were on point

My Advice

Keep Clorox Wipes away from your trackpad, kids. And if you don't, ifixit is the place to go

My Problem

Wine. Wine was the problem. A glass of wine all over the trackpad. Munted it completely, cursor was randomly zipping everywhere opening apps and windows.

My Fix

Replacing the Trackpad was easy-peasy lemon squeezy. All works fine now.

I think the guide says it's moderately difficult but I found it easy.

My Advice

Just print out the guide and follow it. Use an ice-cube tray to store the screws

My Problem

Trackpad hardly worked anymore. About 3 years old.

My Fix

Got the right tools, right part and a guide how to do the replacement. The guide was essentially right on target with one exception. The was a "set screw" (don't know if that is the right term) not mentioned in the guide that needed to be adjusted.

My Advice

Do it.