Moderating Posts

This is a detailed description of how moderating posts works. There are four statuses that a post may have:

  1. Open Open to editing and answering. This applies to 99% of questions.
  2. Locked Controversial questions can be locked to stop all additional edits.
  3. Closed Closed to voting and modification. Usually these are off-topic posts that have enough useful information that deleting them would be detrimental to the community.
  4. Deleted Deleted question are gone. However, in extreme situations, they can be resurrected by administrators.

Open Posts ¶ 

  • This is the default status.
  • Questions may be answered.
  • Questions and answers may be voted on, commented on, and edited.

Locked Posts ¶ 

  • Locked posts may not be edited.
  • 2000 reputation is required to lock a post.
  • Even if a question is locked, its answers may be edited.

Closed Posts ¶ 

  • Only a question may be closed.
  • A closed question and its answers are read-only.
  • The following are disallowed on closed questions:
    • Voting
    • Commenting
    • Editing the question or its answers
    • Answering
  • 5000 reputation is required to close a question.

Deleted Posts ¶ 

  • Deleted questions don't show up in search results or on any index pages.
  • Attempting to view the question by going to its old URL shows a 404 error.
  • Deleting an answer makes that answer and all of its comments disappear from its question.
  • Deleting a question deletes all of its answers.
  • When a question or an answer is deleted, all reputation associated with that question is removed.
  • 10,000 reputation is required to delete a question.
  • All reputation gained or lost from the question and its answers are nullified.
  • A question may also be deleted if it receives enough flags.
    • Reputation gained or lost due to flagging will remain.
    • It costs two reputation points to flag a post.
    • If enough people flag a post:
      • Its owner is docked 100 reputation points
      • Everyone who flagged the post receives 7 points (for a net gain of 5 points).

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