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Registering For An Account ¶ 

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  1. You have to sign up for an account prior to contributing to any guides or discussions.
  2. The window to the right will appear:
  3. Fill In the form that appears with your:
    • Email
      • Use a valid email address that you own.
      • Your email address will NOT be public!
    • Your Name
      • This is the name displayed next to your avatar across the community.
    • Password
      • Write your password down somewhere so you don't forget it.
      • Increase your password strength by having a healthy mix of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

Filling Out Your Profile ¶ 

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Viewing Your Profile ¶ 

Go to your profile to view and edit your information, add an avatar, and see the badges you've earned.

You can also click on your avatar in the top right corner to view your profile and see all the guides you've created.

Add An Avatar ¶ 

To add an avatar to your profile, click the "Edit" tab. You will now see your avatar window in the top left of the profile, drag an image from your image library (the bottom bar) and release the image over the avatar window. Click "Save" for the changes to take effect.

Add An About Section ¶ 

To add an About Section, click "Edit" and then select the "About" tab. Tell the community about yourself: everything from professional experiences to hobbies and interests.

Think of this section as a virtual resume to showcase your knowledge and accomplishments in the community.

Change My Password ¶ 

If you ever decide to change your account password, simply press "Edit" in the top right corner of your profile. From here you can update your password. Be sure to follow password guidelines mentioned above.

Change Your Display Name ¶ 

To change your display name, simply "Edit" your profile. Then, go to the text field labeled "Name." Saving changes to this entry will update your display name.

Change Your Email ¶ 

To change the email address associated with your account, simply press "Edit." Look for the text field labeled "Email." Saving changes to this entry will update your email address.

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