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Could the hole in this logic board be repaired?


Im trying to source the parts to repair an A1278 i5 2011 MBP logic board so I bought a complete logic board for the all the spare parts I need. It comes with a hole in it. Looked like someone shot the computer with a .22 or something. (how else does a hole appear in a logic board?) anyway. I'm wondering, given its location and size, if is there any chance a repair specialist might be able to complete the missing circuitry in this board and bring her to life.

The board cost me $50.

What are the components / circuits affected from this hole?


Block Image

Block Image

This is the best picture i've got until it arrives of the back:

Block Image

I super imposed that into a higher quality image and drew a dashed circle around the hole:

Block Image

whats there?

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Any chance you can also post an image from the bottom side? No components on the side that you have images off, just a bunch of testpoints. Major problem with this is the possibility of the multilayer board traces, running between the top and the bottom of the board. Lets find out :-)


OT - I think lines to the memory sockets have been cut given the location of the punch. We used a similar device to kill boards when I worked at a company that manufactured circuit boards so they wouldn't be reused and we could take them off our books as scrap.


@Dan, I do agree with you. It is a good question, even if it will be for educational purposes only :-)


OT, I have added a picture.. it's still in transit though so it's not at all focused.. thanks for the advice everyone

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OK added a more clear image illustrating where the hole is

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Sorry no the logic board can't be fixed ;-{

The problem here is the board is made up of layers of different pathways (think how fabric is laid out, wharf & weave) there is just no way to patch the very small traces that have been cut.

This was done at the factory were this board is made so a defective board can't be used when its trashed. Note the location at one of the densest areas of pathways so it can't be salvaged.

This board still could be useful to someone to steal the SMD components to fix another logic board, otherwise it has no worth.

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I've just added some more pics to show clearly where the hole is. Thanks for your answer Dan. I will most likely just use it for the parts

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