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Microsoft Repair Hub

Keep Your Device in Working Order 

With Microsoft, we’ve created a one-stop place for guides, tools, and spare parts to make self-service repair accessible to anyone. Imagine how different the world would be if repairing every device could be this easy. 

Broken Surface? We’ve Got the Fix.

Find the repair solution that’s right for you.

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Quality Tools for Quality Repairs

We don’t just want your Microsoft Surface to last—we want the tools in your repair arsenal to last, too. Buy with confidence knowing that iFixit parts and tools come backed by an industry-leading guarantee.

You’ve got this

Find guides, tools, and spare parts to fix your Microsoft Surface. We have specifically assembled Fix Kits that contain everything you need to replace your battery and more


Repair Guides

With easy-to-follow step-by-step repair guides for Microsoft Surface, you can see exactly what you’re getting into before you start your repair.

All-In-One Fix Kits

No tools? No Problem. Get your official Microsoft parts and iFixit tools all in one kit.

Make a Commitment to Sustainability 

Microsoft has committed to be carbon-negative and have zero waste by 2030. Want to know how you can help save the planet? Keep the device you love in service and out of the landfill by repairing it. 

Need Support?

For repair tips visit our Answers Forum, home to the world’s largest repair community.

For questions about your warranty or to schedule a repair, contact Microsoft support.