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About Us

The Future Is Repairable

Things break. Wear and tear is normal, but throwing away almost-functional products shouldn’t be. As the world’s largest online repair community, we help thousands of people fix their broken stuff every day. We also have everything you need to fix your electronic devices yourself—quality replacement parts, specialty precision tools, and most importantly—free step-by-step repair guides for thousands of products.

A repairable future starts with you taking repair into your own hands and looks like active legislation and products designed to be fixed. iFixit is working at every level possible to make that repairable future a reality, and we couldn’t do it without your support. Together we can fix any thing.

Broken Isn’t the End

Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention—and for college students, the father of invention is probably a shoestring budget. In 2003, Kyle Wiens and Luke Soules found themselves with a broken iBook G3. Replacing the busted part wasn’t easy, especially with no instructions, but they managed to succeed with minimal broken tabs and lost screws. They began harvesting parts from partially broken laptops and selling them online. And then, they were making repair manuals and posting them online. 

Soon, we were even taking apart the latest devices to get a sense of how challenging they’d be to fix. We called these “teardowns,” and the gadget world began to look to our repairability scores as a clear sign of repair ease. But we don’t just rank repair ease—we make it. By creating free repair manuals for so many things that have never been documented before, we’ve paved the way for making repairs as easy as possible. Throughout it all, the goal has been the same: Be the free repair guide for every thing.

You can fix it—we show you how.

20 Years of iFixit

From a broken iBook to the biggest global repair community.

Together We Can Fix Any Thing

iFixit is the only place you can get everything you need to make a repair: step-by-step guides, replacement parts, quality tools, and community support. All backed by our industry-leading Quality Guarantee.

Repair Guides

We offer thousands of free repair guides for thousands of different devices. They combine high-resolution photos with detailed, step-by-step instructions, and they’re vetted by our team of experts.

Parts & Tools

Our replacement parts are tested for quality, with genuine options from manufacturers like Samsung and Google. And our precision tools are designed in-house and backed by our Lifetime Guarantee.


Just because your repair is DIY, doesn’t mean you’re fixing alone. Get help from other fixers on our Answers Forum. Already a repair pro? Submit your own guide using our wiki-based template.

News & Advocacy

We won’t be truly free to fix any thing until repair is backed by legal rights and incorporated into product design. At the heart of iFixit is our grassroots advocacy for Right to Repair and other legislation, a fight that has now been taken up by dozens of countries around the world. We’re on the frontlines of campaigning for legislation along with other organizations like,, PIRG, and EFF. You can support our efforts/activism by reaching out to the legislators in your state or country and encouraging others to join the fight.

We also regularly publish editorial reports and deep dives into issues affecting the tech hardware and repair world. It all started with a little thing called “teardowns,” where we take apart the latest devices to get a sense of how challenging they’d be to fix. And when a company does something stupid (or something we hope will go viral), you bet we’re writing about it. Manufacturers have begun to take note. But even though we’re working with them behind the scenes, it’s important to us that we remain able to call manufacturers out publicly for discouraging repair. In support of that editorial independence, we have a robust Editorial Process.

Careers & Inclusivity

iFixit is a small company with a big goal, and our staff is the focal point for making it happen. We love solving tough challenges by fostering collaboration and holding ourselves to the same level of community that we provide on our site. If you, too, care about making the world a better, more repairable place, we want to hear from you.