iPhone 6 Troubleshooting - Touch IC or just Display, Test

Touch screen not responding as it should? this short guide will show you how to check without needing any tools!

The iPhone 6 and 6+ have a common issue with the digitizer controller IC (aka touch IC).

[Please note if you have a 6s or 6s+ this IC is now part of the LCD assembly, so this guide does not apply]



There are two IC's that can cause this fault, both are located on the rear of the logic board and are very easily damaged, Apple didn't use underfill on these chips (a type of epoxy used to hold chips to the PCB) .

Therefore over time, the solder on these chips can crack, causing malfunction.



Depending on which chip has failed, one or two things may occur.

1: Lines or squares at the top of the display, often they are erratic and touch is intermittant. This is 100% an IC issue, changing display assembly will not remedy this.

2: The display is fine but touch inputs are slow or intermittent (sometimes the phone works fine).


Determining the fault:

If you have symptom number one, like mentioned it is the IC.

If the display is fine but the touch screen sometimes doesn't work, follow these steps to determine if it's the touch IC or just a bung display assembly.

  1. Hold the phone at the bottom with your right hand firmly.
  2. With your left hand, hold the top side of the phone (thumb horizontally across the ear speaker and front camera), with the rest of your fingers along the back, so you have a firm grip.
  3. holding the base of the phone still in your right hand, gently twist the phone with your left, in every direction.

If you see squares or lines at the top of the display, the touch IC is faulty

If touch functionality comes back (use your right thumb to swipe the screen) temporarily (once you stop twisting in that direction touch functions stop working again), the touch IC is faulty.


How do I get my touch IC repaired

Apple currently do not cover this fault under warranty (it's silly I know), any good repair shop will be able to help you for a reasonable price.

I hope this short guide helps someone :)



I changed the touc ic on iphone 6 plus and after few weeks the phone suddenly turned off and never worked again. The repair guy said it is power ic damaged and non repairable

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