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Do You Represent an Educational Institution?

We are here to serve your needs. Among the thousands of people we help repair their own devices, we serve the needs of many educational institutions. Whether you need a new iPad 2 front panel or 20 MacBook LCDs, we can help. We are set up to fulfill orders of all shapes and sizes.

  • Commitment to Quality - We take the guesswork out of finding a quality part or tool. Our techs spend hours upon hours testing the parts we bring in and ship out to you. We stand behind the products we sell.
  • Outstanding Customer Support - Our support team is educated on Apple repair and is eager to help in whatever ways they can. We even have dedicated personnel just for looking after our educational customers. You would have someone you can talk to directly about anything and everything you need.
  • Extended Warranty - We offer 6 month warranties on most products. That's double Apple's service parts warranty!
  • Easy-to-use Guides - Our guides offer clear and concise directions for how to repair all sorts of things. You'll know exactly what to do and what tools you'll need to do it. They are there to use free of charge.
  • Volume Discounts - If you need a significant amount of something, we can negotiate a better price for you on most of our products.

Who is Eligible?

  • Schools
  • Colleges and Univeristies
  • Independent School Districts (ISD)
  • School IT Departments

Okay. That's Nice, But How Do I Place an Order?

If you'd like to place a purchase order, please follow our purchase order procedure otherwise, you can place your order online now.

If you'd like to get a quote for higher quantities of specific items, then please contact Kevin Ferrell pro at


Can IMac Intel 21.5”ECM No. 2428 Optical Drive Replacement bu used for IMac 27 Mid. 2011?

Kind regards,

Arvid Begesen

Arvid Bergesen - Reply

Can IMac Intel 21.5”ECM No. 2428 Optical Drive Replacement bu used for IMac 27 Mid. 2011?

Arvid Bergesen - Reply

They might be great if there was any communication at all!! There isn’t even a phone number to talk to anyone!!

who922 - Reply

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