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ZTE Lever Troubleshooting

If you encounter issues when using the ZTE Lever, please refer to this guide.

Device is unresponsive and screen remains unlit or black when the power button is pressed and held.

Plug a working microUSB charging cable into the charging port of the ZTE Lever. After 2-3 minutes, hold the power button in order to turn on the phone.

If the phone still will not turn on, you may try taking out battery and replacing it. Please refer to this repair guide for battery replacement.

If you have tried charging and replacing the battery for the ZTE Lever and the phone will still not turn on, please refer to this replacement guide for the power button.

The phone's battery indicator on screen has a constantly decreasing percentage when plugged into charging cable.

Ensure the device is properly plugged in. If the device does not charge, try another

compatible charging cable.

If you have tried replacing the charging cable and the battery will not charge, please refer to this battery replacement guide.

== ZTE Lever Has Audio-related Issues==

The audio on the phone sounds abnormal to user or is too high/low and will not change.

=== Volume Buttons Do Not Work===

If the ZTE Lever's volume buttons do not change the device's volume when pressed, consider replacing them. Please refer to this volume button replacement guide.

Ensure that audio problems are a result of hardware issues. Play sample audio on another device and compare it to the same audio on the ZTE Lever. If the problem persists, refer to this speaker replacement guide.

Pictures taken with the ZTE Lever are foggy.

If the camera lens is foggy, remove the camera module from the phone and place the lens under a heating lamp. Please refer to this camera module replacement guide for help removing the module.

The phone when powered on becomes unresponsive or experiences terminal glitches.

Due to software problems, it may be necessary to perform a hard reset. Please follow the instructions from this webpage for a hard reset. A hard reset means all settings will be restored to factory default and all supplemental software will be deleted.

If all other guides fail and you are sure that software is not corrupted, Please follow this replacement guide for the motherboard.


How to unlock the phone I forgot my pin

Johathan Mc Dowell - Reply

I have a zte lever I bought this off of someobe the screen one day went very dim she thought might have to order new LCD screen for it I did and changed it and still has same problem its so dim u can only see it if its in a dim room Andy tilt it a little bit help I just paid 30 bucks for a new screen

tabetha woods - Reply

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