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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

These errors and solutions can be found under the lid of the charging base. Appropriate solutions can be seen below.

C1 - Lifted wheel

Move the iCLEBO to a more flat area.

C2 - Cannot detect floor

Move the robot cleaner to a flat area in case the wheel is stuck on the threshold or porch.

C3 - Dust bin error

Dust bin is not properly assembled. Follow our Dust Bin Replacement Guide to replace the dust bin.

C4 - Wheel motor overload

Check for foreign substances such as hair or lint on the wheel and remove if any.

C5 - Brush motor overload

Remove hair and other debris from main and side brushes.

C6 - Suction motor overload

Clean filter and empty dust bin.

C7 -Internal system error

Turn the iCLEBO off and back on again.

C8 -Magnetic encoder error

Check that front wheel and magnet sensor are clean and inserted correctly.

The robot goes over dirt and debris without sucking it up.

The bristles may be stuck together and need to be cleaned. Refer to our Brush Replacement Guide for proper removal techniques. If the bristles are still clumped together, they will need to be replaced with a new brush.

Follow the Dust Bin Removal Guide to clean out the dust bin and filter.

There should be three feather-like mini-sweepers on each of the two side sweepers. If there isn't three on each, then it's broken. Follow the Side Sweeper Replacement Guide to replace a side sweeper.

Remove dust bin from robot. For help to do this, follow the Dust Bin Replacement Guide. Remove hair and other debris that prohibits rotation of main sweeper.

Robot moves in circles or other weird behaviors.

Remove any hair found on the wheel’s axle with tweezers. If this doesn’t fix the problem, for one of the two main wheels, consider contacting the manufacture for motor replacements . If the wheel is the small one at the front of the robot, follow our Front Wheel Replacement Guide to replace it.

If all the wheels are working well, the sensors might be dirty or broken. Clean any dirt sensors. Contacting the manufacture for repairs if the problem persists.

The robot won’t charge despite plugging in the charging cable.

Check to make sure there is a red light coming from the charging base. If there isn't, verify the charging base is plugged into a working wall outlet. Remove the back off the base and verify there are no loose connections. With the base plugged into the wall, check to see if there is a green light coming from the big black charging block. If there is no light, follow the Transformer Replacement Guide to replace it.

Check to see if the two silver pads under the robot are in contact with their mates on the base. If the chrome pads appear tarnished, unplug the charging base and use a cloth damp with alcohol to clean remove the tarnishing from the pads. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, follow following guide.

If there is no problem with the charging base and the problem persists, the robot's internal battery must be dead. Follow our Battery Replacement Guide to replace the robot's battery.

You try to get robot to do something but it won’t.

Make sure you are pointing the remote directly at the robot. If the problem persists, replace the two AAA batteries by sliding off the battery cover under the remote, and making sure to put the batteries in the correct direction indicated on the inside of the remote.

There are two power buttons on the robot. One on top, and a master switch on the side. Verify that both are on the “ON” position.

Buttons respond to thermal touch. Verify that the master power switch on the side is turned on and you are touching the button with the flesh of your fingers.


Could you advise how to remove the front bumper for cleaning of the internals?

Ohad Ben-Shahar - Reply

My arte is now doing crazy spins when I try to start it up — no error message, it just comes out of the base and begins to turn, then makes a rapid spin and display says “base”, which it can’t seem to find. Any ideas on how to resolve?

Roy Martin - Reply

Mine did the same and what helped was taking apart the front bumper and the top lid and vacuum clean the robot from inside. There was a lot of dust on all the parts. Then I took off all the wheels (the front small one, the rear big one and the side brushes) and clean them from hair and dust that was rolled up and stuck on the axles. This seems to fix the issue.

vadim.linetsky -

I was having problem with the erratic behavior of the iclebo arte. It was stopping randomly without any object in the way. I saw a video where there was a procedure to calibrate the sensors. It works for the spinning problem.

The video is hard to follow, but the procedure consists in keeping the play/pause button pressed until some letter codes show up in the clock. Press the play button with the iclebo on and hold it. it will power down. Keep on holding until the code appears. There will be a lot of codes you can cycle with the mode key. Go to CPSd and press star. You will see someting like “r 00”. Put a white paper sheet below the iclebo’s sensors, close to the side brushes. Make sure the brushes are not blocking the sensor. Press mode and the nunber will change. In my case the reading changed from “r 13” to “r 77”. Turn off the iclebo and turn it back on. It should know work. I’m trying to find out what the other options do.

Thiago Correra - Reply

The left side sweeper is not spinning. What could cause this?

Bob Taylor - Reply

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