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Xiaomi Mi 4 Troubleshooting

Xiaomi Inc. developed the Xiaomi Mi4. It was released on August 2014 as a new addition to Xiaomi's high-end smartphone line that is popularly used in China and India.

The phone's battery drains quickly, won’t charge at all and is slow to charge.

The phone could have not received a full charge because of a faulty charger. According to Xiaomi’s CEO Leijung, the Xiaomi Mi4 using the specially designed charger will take 2 hours from being completely dead to having it fully charged. If this is not the case and it takes significantly longer with the current charger, switch it out and see if the problem persists.

Typically when you have a faulty battery and it becomes too hot it starts to expand causing the phone to warp and lessen the amount of battery life and eventually leads to the need of a replacement. A popular reason how batteries become hot and expand is normally due to overcharging. Obvious indicators that identify a faulty battery are:

• Battery charges at a very slow rate.

• Battery seems to bulge.

• Battery dies quickly without much use of the phone.

• Phone only shows power when plugged in.

If experiencing one or more of these problems, it would be advised to look into replacing a battery as soon as possible. Use our battery replacement guide to replace a battery in the device.

The phone’s screen is cracked or touch screen isn’t functioning properly.

If the phone’s screen has lines showing or visible cracks with colors streaming on it from a drop, this most likely means that you have damaged your screen. Depending on the extent of the cracks and lines shown, a screen replacement will be needed. You can safely replace your screen using our screen replacement guide.

Be advised that if a replacement screen is needed, it is encouraged to purchase a replacement screen from the manufacturer or a certified retail company. The links are found below:

• Manufacturer website:

• Certified retail company:

Headphones or other acoustic appliances are not dispersing sound properly or at all.

Plug in another sound output appliance to the Xiaomi Mi4 to check if it works. If sound begins to emanate, then the problem lies solely with the specific appliance you attempted to use previously.

If the error persists across multiple appliance, it is likely there is a defect in the Audio Output Jack. Attempt to replace the output jack. If the sound is simply cutting in and out this is often a sign that the audio jack is loose.

The image on the screen from either the front or rear cameras’ is unclear or indistinct.

Use soft and smooth material to gently wipe the camera lens. Screen cleaning fluid is recommended for use but in small light amounts.

Check the software that operates the cameras’ and translates their images. The status of the software can be found under settings. If the problem exists with the driver, update the phone and this will resolve the issue.

Check if any apps are being used at the same time as the default camera software. If so, attempt to turn off these apps or otherwise uninstall them to prevent competing or clashing instructions within the device.

Look to replace the camera if image problem persists and it is found that the camera is faulty rather than any software or hardware issues. Use these guides to replace either the front camera or the rear camera

Phone and programs are moving slow and freezing up frequently.

Sometimes smartphones need to be shut off and turned back on every once in a while. Try shutting off your device, removing the battery and SIM card, and letting it sit for 60 seconds. Afterwards put the battery and SIM card back in the phone and turn on the device again to see if that solves the issue.

The most common cause of a phone’s performance slowing down is the overloading of the RAM. An easy fix that normally works is closing or uninstalling unnecessary apps and games that aren’t being used so it can free up space for the phone to operate more efficiently.

It’s possible that your device is overheating. This is normally due to a large number of processes occurring simultaneously, which slows down the phone’s performance. A possible solution is to close all apps with the Task Manager and restart the device. If this was the problem, your phone should stop overheating over sometime.

If there are one or more problems stated above that coincides with the problems you are having with your device, the motherboard might be defective or damaged. If this is the case, have your retailer replace it if the device is under warranty, but if not, please refer to our motherboard replacement guide. You can also use this same guide to remove the motherboard for cleaning if you find it dirty.


i deleated google play by mistake now most of my apps wont work and i cant re install it wat should i do

francis agusta - Reply

i have a Mi4iphone android and i deleated google play by mistake now most of my apps wont work can you sugest someting i cant re install google play on it

francis agusta - Reply

my xiao mi mi4 cannot log in into the homescreen, it is stuck in the logo page, what should i do? thanks!

zchoen lee - Reply

I can't switch on the phone, light is,purple alternatively

lklam61 - Reply

Our mi4 can't open my mom forgot the ID plss help

jamjam wintssl - Reply

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