Batteries are meant for reuse, but if they don't recharge then they may need to be replaced. This guide will show you how to safely remove your mobile device's battery.

Check to make sure that the device is powered off.
  • Check to make sure that the device is powered off.

  • Use a pin or paper clip to insert in the hole on the side of the phone next to the micro SIM cardholder to remove the tray.

  • Remove the SIM card tray from the Xiaomi Mi 4 and store somewhere safe.

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Using the flat metal spudger and curved metal spudger, make a wedge between the plastic back cover and the inner frame
  • Using the flat metal spudger and curved metal spudger, make a wedge between the plastic back cover and the inner frame

  • Using the second spudger, slowly work your way around the perimeter of the device

  • Check for clicking sounds as you are prying the back cover away from the frame

  • As the back cover is almost completely removed, use the suction-cup tool to remove the plastic cover without damaging the back

  • Place the screws on the magnetic mat to avoid losing them.

  • Use a 3.0 Phillip’s head screwdriver to remove the 10 1.2mm Phillip’s head screws in the plastic frame that held the motherboard and battery.

  • Use a 3.0 Phillip’s head screwdriver to remove the 3 0.5mm Phillip’s head screws in the plastic frame that held the motherboard and battery.

  • Use the small plastic opening tool and place it in the slot on the bottom right corner of the inner frame and carefully pry it off.

I don't think it is necessary to remove the three 0.5mm screws. Note: the right-most orange circle should be placed instead of the red circle above the two larger orange circles - those are the 0.5mm screws which secures a small plate under the plastic cover which is in NOT physically (but electrically via two metal contacts) to the mainboard.

Douglas Ling - Reply

yes, I expirienced the same thing. the three stated screws fixing a module (the flashlight LED-plate) on the frame..

mobbom - Reply

  • Look keenly for the connections that run across the battery and are connected to the motherboard.

  • Use tweezers to gently disconnect the two connectors that are stated in the previous step.

  • Proceed to gently remove the tape like connector from the battery until it is completely off.

  • Use tweezer to disconnect battery’s wire from the motherboard.

my mi4 had an accu Model “BM32” .. I ordered BM33 first. but the dimensions of the accu are different, so one can install only the right one.

mobbom - Reply

  • Use the plastic opening tool to gently pry the battery out of its casing for removal.

Using a Pry tool damaged a bit the casing of the battery. I ended up pulling the battery's plastic sticker to remove it (adhesive holding the battery in place)

James Burton - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Sir, I accidentally put a hole in battery while removing. Will this create a problem/explosion..

Apawilo Zawk - Reply

Hey Apawilo. A punctured battery has potential to be very dangerous (Fire, harmful chemicals, etc), so please make sure to dispose of it at the nearest e-waste recycling site.

Geoff Wacker -

sir i am charging my phone but its percentage is not increasing ....this is a battery problem

adishsaggar123 - Reply

im having the similar problem, when charging power increase slower and the consumption is faster than usual. please advice. thanks

Zeff Soo - xiaomi 4 cant be started.. after fully charged, it went blank n cant be restarted.. few days back, it was on n of for multiple time for several minutes...

Ezrat sam - Reply

same here do i need to change batteries?

overlord_345 -

Hi, I am trying to remove the battery but very firmly in the housing. Is it natural? Pull or use another way?

sewerynmalczewski - Reply

it is normal just use some tool to remove it

adilmughal878 -


Do you guys have a recommendation for a shop where I can buy a replacement battery?

Thank you for your answer!

Best regards

nils.heim - Reply

mi betrry can be replace if the betrry has been damage

fiza - Reply

Sir ..mine bettery has been damaged getting swollen up...and mine device is mi4i...plss help me.!!!

Malav Patwa - Reply

I used this guide for a mi-4i model 2015015 and it was close enough but my phone had an addition 2 screws covered with orange stickers. this battery is a BM33 it did not have the large ribbon cable shown in step 4 just a small connector in the top middle of the battery but mostly this guide was very helpful and thank you.

Bobby Stephens - Reply

Hi, My Mi4i batter has bulged a little. Can any one explain why this happened & how to resolve!!

Biswajit Ghosh - Reply

That means that your battery is dangerously damaged has to be replaced ASAP. The battery could be a security hazard.

Chris Yang -

Hi.. My Mi4i battery has bulged a little. Is it make any problem & how to resolve!

Biswajit Ghosh - Reply

Where can I order an mi4i bm33 battery? Im from Philippines.

macqz numlock - Reply

what does the number 2:36 on the upper left side of sceen mean

xoaomi redme 4x is a few month old!!battery is not shown decreasement,it stands still on “

in fact cellfone emptys wothin a day instead of 2 days

muspilli60 - Reply

I need a new battery..i accidently cut cable connectors.

How and where do I get a new battery in south Africa (pretoria)

pepito kashala - Reply

why dont you try online shopping apps? i am from Indonesia and i bought the parts from online shopping too well its indonesian Online shop so why not find and try african online shop or international online shop

Edric Sanjaya -

sir, my battery have been damaged by over charging.Now it only charges buh when removed from the socket.It drops back to zero.

christabel graboski - Reply

I have redmi 4 and redmi 4a I can exchange my battry to 4a it's possible

pramod joshi - Reply

My phone mi4 battery doesn't work properly It's drains very fast. The battery goes 0% but when I restart it become 46%. What should I do?

Gahlot Vines - Reply

Can we check mi phone battery genuinity if any one change the battery.

hitendrayadav10 - Reply

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