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Oops. Were you looking for information about the the iFixit Warranty?

tl;dr Offer customers a warranty for your repair work. Don't void existing warranties on the product.

Your Warranty

There are many fly-by-night repair businesses out there. Distinguish yourself from all those businesses by offering a warranty that guarantees the parts and service you sell. Your warranty will help you earn trust in a new repair market.

Always include explicit terms of warranty on your invoices.

A warranty disclaimer should include three components:

  1. A time limitation.
    • How long does the warranty last? When does it start?
  2. A scope definition.
    • What does the warranty cover?
  3. A scope limitation.
    • What does the warranty not cover?

Example: Parts and labor are guaranteed for 6 months. Guarantee does not cover consumables such as batteries. User error is not covered by warranty.

Other Warranties

Don't do any repair that will void an existing warranty on a product. Or, make sure that your customer knows that your work will void the warranty before any service is attempted.

Generally a customer is coming to you, rather than the manufacturer, because the device is out of warranty.

But if the customer doesn't realize the repair could be done under warranty, you should notify your customer before attempting the repair. Don't take advantage of your customers' ignorance.

Below are a list of warranty resources, organized alphabetically by brand:


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