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Camera Will Not Turn On ¶ 

Pressing the power button does not turn camera on.

Battery Is Dead ¶ 

If your camcorder will not turn on, a good place to start is to make sure the battery is charged. Plug your camcorder charger into an active outlet and plug the USB connector into the camera. If the display does not turn on and no charging lights activate, you will need to replace the battery. Detailed instructions for removing a damaged battery can be found here.

Power Button Is Stuck ¶ 

Try to press the power button to turn on camera. If the button has very high resistance to finger pressure or does not click, your power button may not be properly seated in the housing. Try to wiggle the button to release it from its jammed position.

Damaged Motherboard ¶ 

This issue is often the hardest to diagnose and an expensive repair. It is recommended that you first explore other possible causes first before attempting to replace the motherboard. Common symptoms of motherboard failure are the device locking up on startup and the device shutting down before startup is complete. If the camcorder begins to start up and freezes or shuts off, the motherboard is most likely damaged. If the motherboard is the issue, a replacement guide can be found here.

Screen Will Not Turn On or is Cracked ¶ 

Camera is powered on, but the display is black.

Display is Disconnected ¶ 

If you are experiencing a blank screen when the camcorder is turned on, the display may not be damaged, but just disconnected. Check your display's connections to ensure that they are not damaged or disconnected.

Display is Cracked or Damaged ¶ 

If your display is cracked, damaged, or will not turn on, you may need to replace it. Follow the replacement guide here for step by step instructions.

Camera Does Not Recognize SD Card ¶ 

Your SD card is not recognized by the camera, and the screen flashes "No SD" when attempting to capture a video or photo.

SD Card is Not Fully Inserted ¶ 

Check to see if the card is fully inserted into the camcorder's case. If the card sticks out of the case, you may have the card in upside down or backwards. If the orientation of the card is correct, check to make sure nothing is trapped inside the SD card's slot, inhibiting it from insertion.

Damaged SD Port ¶ 

If the SD port is damaged, the card will not be read. To fix this issue, the SD port must be replaced.

Motherboard Issues ¶ 

You SD card may not be read because the connection between the SD port and the motherboard is severed. A non-operational motherboard can be replaced using the guide here.

Camera Is Out of Focus ¶ 

The fixed focus on the camera is misaligned and the focus is either too close or too far away.

Lens Focus Length is Misaligned ¶ 

A small bead of glue holds the lens at the proper focal length. If this glue breaks, your focus may be out of alignment. Check to see if the glue is still holding the lens, and if it is gone, the focus must be manually adjusted and re-glued.

Lens is Chipped or Cracked ¶ 

If the lens is damaged, chipped, or will not adjust, you may need to replace it.

Waterproof Case Will Not Close ¶ 

The waterproof case provided with the camera will not close around the camera to create a waterproof apparatus.

Case is Obstructed ¶ 

Most likely, the reason for this issue is that there is something blocking the case from closing. Make sure the camera is not upside down in the case. Also, ensure that there is nothing else inside the case besides the camera.

Clasp Will Not Close ¶ 

If the black clasp on the side of the waterproof case will not close, the case will not seal properly to ensure waterproof conditions. If the plastic clasp is broken, it must be replaced.


what about if when i plug it into my computer and it wont reconize it

WolfNation - Reply

How do u turn off the LED Busy Light Indicator

patsymoneyas -

I had the same problem…..Take the card out of the camera….slide it into one of those giveaway MicroSD card adapters…..slot it into a reader….and Voila!

Wait a few seconds…Click on the removable disk that shows something is there…Click DCIM…Click 100MEDIA and there are your videos!

Don’t forget to format the card in the camera first before you shoot your action videos.

Yes…we both seem to have a faulty camera…but this method works fine, especially when you have more than one card…enjoy!

Peter Bayes -

my recording are green

nixon tv - Reply

When I try to take a picture it freezes up and I have to wait for it to die until I can make it move again but the ad card has nothing on it

BrysonN Roblox - Reply

Check near the ad card slot there is a reset button push it with a pin and it will shut off instantly

Ricky Nicholas -

Mine says "no file" when SD card is in

Margaret Christy - Reply

me too “NO FILE" ERROR

Walter Zetzsche -

Mine says busy and the screen goes black. wat do i do

MissileMan 0 - Reply

I record and every time I record it freezes and I reset it and it still freezes

Conner munson - Reply

My remote will only turn the camera off is there some kind of pairing for the remote?

sethparker93 - Reply

Pressing power button ‘on’ displays a vivitar logo for a second, then just a black screen with the flashing green light… No button response, and only able to turn off the camera using the reset button. - Can it be fixed?

John McInnes (mrjonthehat) - Reply

Does anyone know if the volume works? How does it get turned on? My camera is excellent, no problems at all!!

Jonell - Reply

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