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Student-Contributed Wiki

Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Drone will not turn on.

Drone does not respond in any way when switched to on.

Dead or faulty battery.

Try charging the battery for about 10 minutes and testing the drone afterwards. If it still will not turn on, then it is faulty and needs to be replaced for the drone to turn on.

Battery improperly installed.

Make sure that the battery is inserted properly into its housing directly underneath the drone, and that the plug coming out of the end of the battery is properly inserted into the plug coming out of the drone. When inserted, the plug should “click” into place.

One of more blades stop spinning.

When blades are already spinning with drone either on level ground or in the air, one or more blades stops spinning completely.

Motor Drive Shaft is Bent

Try spinning the propellor blade by hand. If you find it is not spinning freely, the drive shaft in the brushed motor is broken and will need to be replaced.

Dirt or debris on blade.

Try cleaning out the blades carefully with a small brush, a can of compressed air, or something close to one of those. After cleaning the blade in question to the best of your ability try using it again.

Broken blade(s).

If one or more blade(s) breaks, the entire arm holding the blade will need to be replaced. To do so, follow this guide UDI U818A Propeller Replacement.

Inner frame falling apart/broken inner frame.

The inner frame is broken to the point where it causes a loss of functionality.

Replace frame.

To replace the inner frame of the drone, follow this guide UDI U818A Drone Cover Replacement.

Controller won’t turn on.

The controller does not respond to being switched on or any other button presses.

Dead or faulty controller batteries.

Try swapping out the controller’s batteries for fresh AAs. If fresh charged batteries are installed and it still will not turn on, then the controller is most likely not receiving power from them.

Controller not receiving power from batteries.

Check to make sure the positive and negative terminals of the drone are touching the batteries and that there is no debris or corrosion on the terminals or the batteries.

On-board camera will not save video.

Anytime the camera should be recording video, it fails to do so and there is no option to play anything back.

No SD card.

The drone supplies an SD card, however if that one is lost or otherwise not available, there will need to be another SD card for the camera to record video.

SD card not properly inserted.

Make sure that the SD card is inserted into the slot underneath the camera gently until it “clicks” into place. If it’s in correctly, when you give it a slight push it should “click” out of the slot again.

Not enough memory on SD card.

Videos take up a great deal of space on an SD card. If there is little or no space left on the card, it will not be able to record video.

SD card not formatted.

SD cards function better after they’ve been formatted. To format your SD card to use with the U818A, go to and download the proper formatter for Windows if you have a Windows computer, or Mac if you have a Mac computer. Follow the instructions in the program, and then try inserting the SD card into your camera slot again.

Drone does not go higher than 2 feet off the ground.

Regardless of what is done on the controller, the drone becomes unresponsive to height controls once it is 2 feet off the ground.

Calibrate gyroscope with controller.

Sometimes, the gyroscope inside the drone will get uncalibrated from a crash, overuse, or even a lack of use. To re-calibrate it, make sure both are off and the battery is not plugged into the drone yet. Next, turn the controller on. Next, make sure the drone is on a level surface, flip it upside down gently, and plug in the battery. Place it right-side up again. Next, push the left thumb stick up then down. Then, push the right thumb stick straight down, straight right, then diagonally back to the center. The controller should beep several times, meaning it was successful.

One or more motors stops working.

While flying or on the ground, one or more motor fails to spin the blade that it is associated with. Guidance on motor replacements can be found here UDI U818A Drone Arms Replacement

Gears are not meshing together.

Check the small white gears directly underneath each motor and make sure their teeth are meshing together. If they are not, then they will need to be replaced and this guide may help UDI U818A Carbon Tube and Tooth Gears Replacement

Motor requires a reset.

To reset the motor, you will have to take apart the drone to reach the motherboard. Once at the motherboard, you will have to find the cable that goes from the motor to the motherboard, and unplug it and plug it back in.


Is the motor reset done battery connected?

Brian Conlon - Reply

Hi my drone looses connection to my controller after 20seconds of flying, this started happening after a crash, is there any solution?

Jayden So - Reply

We have the same issue. First day out was fine. Then yesterday and today we can't get it more than 1' off the ground. We calibrated it several times to no avail

Mary H -

My UDI would not turn, even if the white LED is on indicating that its not in headless mode. Would you be able to tell me why? I tried re-calibrating the gyroscope but still did not work

kiransuresh85 - Reply

Hi, I have one motor that continues to run after controller is turned off. I replace the motor same result. Thanks Matt

Matt - Reply

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