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Toshiba Satellite C55D-A5201 Troubleshooting

Model number: C55D-A5201. Released in 2013.

The keys may be sticking, cannot be pressed, or are non-responsive to key input.

If the number keys on the right side of the keyboard are not working, turn on the number lock key. You can do this by pressing the button with the words "Num Lock" on the right side of the keyboard.

Sometimes dirt will get stuck underneath the keys and prevent them from being pressed down. Use a computer cleaning duster spray to clean underneath the keys.

If a single key is not working, it may be broken. The key will need to be replaced. See how to replace it with this guide.

If the keyboard still isn't working, replace the keyboard using this guide.

The battery does not seem to be charging or holding a charge.

Make sure there is power coming from the outlet by testing it out with other electronic devices. If other devices are not working with the outlet either, then try another outlet.

Make sure the charging cord is plugged completely into the AC adapter. The AC adapter looks like a black rectangular box. It should be connected to two ends of the charging cord.

The power jack (where the charging cord plugs into the computer) may be loose. Learn how to fix it with this guide for a similar Toshiba Satellite laptop model.

If the battery is still not charging, then replace the battery using this guide.

Random symbols start appearing on the computer screen or the computer randomly shuts down.

Nothing saves on the computer. A computer pop-up message says the memory is full. Replace the RAM module to add more storage with this guide.

If the hard drive is defective, it will need to be replaced. Learn how to replace it with this guide from a similar Toshiba Satellite model.

The laptop feels hot or is randomly shutting down.

Exit out of some programs so processor isn't overloaded. Sometimes the computer runs slow when too many programs are running at the same time.

Clean the cooling fan using this guide for a similar Toshiba Satellite model.

Replace the cooling fan if the above solutions do not fix the problem. Use this guide from a similar Toshiba Satellite model.

The touchpad does not respond when touched.

If your touchpad is locked, turn it off by pressing the F5 key at the top of the keyboard.

If the touchpad looks or feels dirty, clean it with a cloth and computer cleaning spray.

If the other solutions don't fix the touchpad, replace it using this guide from a similar Toshiba Satellite model.

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Where the heck is the CMOS battery in a c55-B5201. I've taken apart and even removed the mother board where I thought it would be, but.......There is a silver color circle with a ,+ sign next to it but no battery. I havent tried to peel back the silver material

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