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Toshiba Satellite A215-S4757 Troubleshooting

Toshiba Satellite A215-4757

Your Toshiba Satellite is unusually warm to the touch.

If your computer is plugged in to the AC adapter and turned on and it feels hot to the touch, you may have a defective battery. Consider replacing the battery.

If your Toshiba Satellite is hot to the touch without the AC adapter plugged in, your cooling fan may be dysfunctional. Consider replacing the cooling fan.

Your Toshiba Satellite is on but the screen is unresponsive

If your Toshiba Satellite is plugged in and you attempt to turn your computer on and indicator lights flash but all that is shown is a blank screen, your display screen may have a defect. consider replacing the display. Check out the guide for replacing the display here.

Your Toshiba Satellite has it's power cord plugged in but is not receiving a charge.

If you your Toshiba Satellite is plugged in to the AC adapter and your computer says it is "Plugged in, Not Charging" the adapter port may be loose and dysfunction.

Your computer may alternatively have a battery problem if you meet the conditions above and your laptop reads still reads "Plugged in, Not charging". Refer to our Battery Replacement Guide

Your Computer Unexpectedly turns off while operating

If you are operating your Toshiba Satellite and it unexpectedly turns off, you may have a problem with your Power source. Make sure your battery is properly in place, your AC adapter is working, and your computer is charging while plugged in.

If your power sources are working properly and your computer unexpectedly powers down, you may have a problem with your RAM. consider replacing. Check out our RAM Replacement Guide

When trying to type, the letters will not show up, or the wrong letters will appear.

If your letters are not appearing on the screen as you type, the keyboard connection could be loose, or may not be connected at all. Make sure the keyboard is fully connected to the motherboard.

If the characters that are showing up on your screen are not the characters you are typing, your keyboard software may be set to a version other than the US version. Check your system software to ensure you are using the correct version.


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