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Tagital T10 Troubleshooting

An Android OS tablet that is capable of using multiple applications, taking photos and videos, and is able to access the internet. Released in 2015, identified by model number T10.

Your device is not turning on.

If your device is not turning on, the internal battery may need to be charged. To do this, plug the microUSB charging cable into the charging port on the tablet and use the adapter for a wall outlet. Allow the tablet about 4 hours to charge fully. If the device is still not powering on, try using a wall outlet, or try a different charger, as one of these may be faulty.

If your tablet still will not power on and you know that the charger works, the internal battery may be faulty. You can fix this by replacing the battery. Refer to the Battery Replacement Guide to remove and replace the battery.

It is possible that the device is turning on, but the screen may be broken preventing it from displaying an image. In this case, refer to the Screen Replacement Guide to replace the touch screen.

It is possible that over time the power button has been worn down or broken preventing it from being able to be powered on. In this case, refer to the power button Replacement Guide to replace the button.

Even after connecting your device to its charger, it will not charge.

If the device will not charge check all the charger connections.  Check the connections between the device and the charging cord.  If the device still will not charge, check the connection between the charging cord and the computer or wall adapter.  If when plugged into the wall adapter the device still fails to charge make sure the wall adapter is correctly plugged into the wall outlet. If the issue persists try a different wall outlet.  If the device is still not charging a faulty charger may be the issue.

To identify a faulty charger first try charging the device in a wall outlet. If the device is not charging try a second wall outlet.  Remove the wall adapter from the charger and plug into a running laptop. If the tablet charges when connected to the laptop then the wall adapter is faulty. If the tablet still fails to charge then try a different charging cable.  If the tablet fails to charge than the micro usb board may be bad or the battery.

The battery may be bad if the device fails to charge, if the device run time has been decreasing, if the device is only operable when connected to the charger.  If the device exhibits these symptoms see the Replacement Guide for replacing the tablet's battery.

The micro usb board may be bad if the device fails to charge or transfer data using the charging cable. To identify a faulty micro usb board use a good charging cable to transfer data from the tablet to a laptop. If the device fails to transfer data or charge when connected to the laptop the micro usb board is faulty.  See the repair guide for replacing the micro usb board.

Your device screen is unresponsive to touches and gestures or it is frozen entirely.

The touch screen may be broken, causing it to be unresponsive to touch. To fix this issue see the Touch Screen Replacement Guide.

The device itself may be frozen and should be restarted. Gently press and hold the power button to turn it completely off, and then turn it back on.

If the screen of your device is unresponsive or frozen, it may be caused by an accumulation of dirt or debris on the touch screen. Use a clean cloth to gently wipe the screen down.

The camera on your device is consistently taking poor quality photos, or the photos turn out black.

If you notice that the quality of your photos is poor, the camera lens may be dirty or smudged. Use a clean microfiber cloth or other lens cleaning wipe, and gently rub the lens of the camera using circular motions. For stubborn spots, use a cotton swab dampened with distilled water. Do not blow on the camera with your mouth, as this could result in more debris on the lens.

The camera lens may be obstructed by an object such as a tablet case. Make sure that all objects are clear of the camera’s view.

If the problem persists, there may be a software glitch. Try restarting your device.

If the photos are still poor quality, or the pictures turn out distorted or black, the camera may be damaged or the lens is cracked. In this case, follow the Camera Replacement Guide to replace the camera.

The screen on your device is dark and hard to read.

It may be that the screen is dim due to the brightness setting. Open the tablet settings, go to display options, and adjust the screen brightness.

A low battery will cause the screen to dim in order to conserve battery life. Simply plug the device into a charger to resolve this issue.

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On my tablet it keeps popping up Google play services has stopped . When I push it ,it repeatedly keeps coming back ? What do I do ?

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