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Sprout Channel Cubby Troubleshooting

Sprout Channel Cubby is not receiving power and wont turn on.

If your Sprout Channel Cubby won't turn on then it may just be the battery, if you plug it in and it only works while it is plugged in then the battery will need replaced.

if this is the case refer to this guide Sprout channel cubby battery Replacement

The other option other than a bad battery is that the charging port has gone bad and no longer charges the battery. It can be hard to tell if it is the battery or the charging port, one good way to check is to plug in the device if it doesn't turn on while plugged in it is the charging port. There is not much of a way to fix the device at home as it is attached directly to the motherboard.

You turn on the device but there is no video being shown on it.

If the front screen is cracked or if it no longer displays anything more than a black screen the chances are you will need to fix your digitizer. This is the cover over the screen and connects into the device internally.

You attempt to use the front facing camera but nothing happens when you use it.

If the camera is not working then you would have to try and reconnect the camera to see if some of the wires got loose, if this is not the case then replacing the camera will be the next step.

refer to Sprout Channel Cubby Camera Replacement

Your turn on your device but when using it no sound comes out.

While usually not the issue it is an easy fix and quick to check. This can be done with a new pair of headphones.

When speakers are breaking they commonly make distorted noise before breaking fully this is the first sign that the speakers are breaking. Once this starts to happen is is recommended to replace the speaker in the device

refer to Sprout Channel Cubby Speaker Replacement

Your protective covering is no longer connected to the device.

While this is not a issue that will affect the device directly it is needed too keep the screen protected, the screen is fragile, and the trim should be replaced quickly. This is one of the easiest fixes for the device overall.


How do I get a new charger I lost mine

Nyisha Carroway - Reply

You can use any microUSB charger that is readily available at Walmart or Walgreens. Most Samsung devices use the microUSB style of charger.

Stephen Martinez -

My new cubby sprout wouldn't load, it keeps saying "unfortunately, cubby mode has stopped". How do I fix it?

Karimah - Reply

I would try resetting the device.

1. Power down the device.

2. Hold down the POWER and VOLUME UP buttons at the same time until the boot screen appears.

3. Once the Sprout Screen appears (the grid with all the Sprout characters), press and release the POWER button.

4. The system menu should appear. Use the VOLUME DOWN button to scroll down to WIPE DATA/FACTORY RESET.

5. Press and release the POWER button (some versions use the VOLUME UP button at the ENTER button).

6. Use the VOLUME DOWN button to scroll down to YES -- DELETE ALL USER DATA. Press and release the POWER (or VOLUME UP) button to ENTER.

7. After formatting, select REBOOT SYSTEM NOW and press the ENTER button.

8. It will take several minutes for the device to boot up. When it restarts, you will need to set up the device again.

Stephen Martinez -

This worked ! THANK YOU!

mamabear4364 -

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