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Sony SRS-XB40 Troubleshooting

Sony Speaker, LED Lights

You have trouble with your Sony speakers Bluetooth connectivity.

Make sure all other devices in the area are disconnected from the speaker and have their Bluetooth turned off. Then try to connect to the speaker again.

To connect to Bluetooth, first make sure the speaker is charged and turned on. Additionally, make sure the device that you are trying to connect to the speaker is charged and the Bluetooth feature is turned on. Next, press and hold the pairing button on the speaker until the Bluetooth indicator begins flashing. On the Bluetooth device you are trying to connect, select "SRS-XB40" as the option for the speaker you are connecting to. If a password is requested, enter "0000". If successfully connected, the Bluetooth indicator on the speaker will remain lit.

You are confused about how to reset your device.

The reset button is located under the rubber cap on the rear side of the speaker. Open the cap and push the "RESET" button with a pin, paper-clip, or pointed object. After pressing "RESET" turn on your speaker as usual. If it doesn't turn on, contact your local Sony dealer.

Your speaker(s) have low or no audio output.

If using an aux cord connection, ensure that the cord is securely plugged into both the speaker, and the audio device you are using. If using a Bluetooth connection, try disconnecting and then reconnecting back to the speaker. If neither of these work, refer to your user manual or local Sony dealer.

To improve playback quality, try changing the position of your device, or turn off other wireless connections. Also, you can try moving as far away from microwaves and other bluetooth devices as possible.

Your Sony speaker dies quickly after a full charge.

The battery life is estimated to last for 12 hours, but may vary depending on the following: Ambient temperature, conditions of use, volume level. If the orange CHARGE indicator does not light up in while charging, check the following: Make sure that the micro-USB cable is firmly connected to the USB AC adaptor. Make sure the USB AC adaptor is firmly connected to the speaker and the AC outlet. If you have tried these recommendations and your device still won't power on, your device may require service on the battery.

Your LED lights don't work like they were advertised.

Once the speaker is turned on, you can turn the lighting function on and off by holding the "EXTRA BASS - LIGHT" button for about 3 seconds.


I lost my charger..then I bought a different charger with six set of different I'm charging my speaker with a 9v ac adapter and my speaker won't even light keeps going on n off..what should I do

Safai Lio - Reply

Hey man i had the same problem at first, you just got to make sure you put it at the proper voltage. These speakers take 5V or less. So turn it to something lower than that such as 4.5 or 3. it will t ake longer but it will work.

E N -

My SRS XB40 just won't hold a connection. After pairing it doesn't output music and drops almost immediately. This is happening with the phone. I have tried phone with other BT speakers and works just fine so this isn't the phone.

With a laptop I have to pair it every time and it holds the connection which is strange but I have to pair it everytine. I have tried to both initialise and rest but nothing. Is the Bluetooth module in the speaker dead? When I connect with a 3.5mm jack it works fine. Speaker charges fine. I've scratched everywhere online and no one seems to be experiencing this.

Mustafa Ziraba - Reply

Is it possible that when the battery is dead, i mean realy dead,

the whole speaker won´t work anymore. Even with an external powersupply.

(charge lamp lights up, when put it on, it lights up for about 5 sek. then it changes automatically back into charching mode)

I just want to checkout first if fixing is an option for me. I dont have the knowledge to target electrical problems…


tobi_hofer - Reply

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