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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX90V Troubleshooting

A point and shoot camera released in June 2015

LCD screen very dim and flickers.

If the LCD is still black after you have checked the battery and that the device on, you may need to replace the back light or LCD. Be sure to rule out all other options first. Replace the LCD using this guide.

Set camera to Superior Auto mode, which enables automatic multi-shot HDR if the camera detects high contrast scene. You'll need to downsize images to around 50% to hide the extra grain.

Disconnect the AV connecting cable and set the image size to other than 640(Fine).

After snapping photo images are distorted.

If dust is on outside of lens take a camera friendly cloth and wipe the lens. You may also need to remove the lens if dust is on the inside. Replace or remove the lens using this guide.

When you are taking a photo, the device's auto focus is dependent on contrasting colors. If you are taking a photo with one color, or similar colors, the device may not be able to focus properly.

When stowing view finder shuts down

Performing a power reset to try to resolve the issue. Turn the power off and remove the battery. Press the power on button for 30 seconds to a minute while the battery is removed from the unit. Reinsert the battery and turn the camera on as usual.

"Device may not may not have sufficient power supply to operate both the view finder and other camera functions"

"You cannot charge the battery pack when the camera is on or when the battery is not installed correctly''

Open the battery , be sure to turn off your camera when charging the battery pack. Install the battery pack, make sure the battery pack is firmly inserted all the way, then close the cover.

The battery may have collected too much dirt or various other things on it. To solve this problem, wipe off the battery and the charger with a cloth.


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