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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Volume is too loud ¶ 

The headphones are working- almost too well.

Turn it down ¶ 

Adjust the volume on your audio player.

Headphones aren't producing noise ¶ 

The music is playing but the headphones are silent.

Check the plug ¶ 

Check the aux-port, ensure the device is plugged in correctly... If it is, read on.

Check the volume ¶ 

Try turning up the volume or using a different audio player to determine if the headphones are the true source of the issue. If they still won't work, read on for other possible underlying causes.

Check the aux cord ¶ 

Run fingers down the length of the aux cord, feeling for bumps or tears in the wire casing. If there's a break in your aux cord, mark the breaking point and refer to the aux cord replacement guide.

Sound is only audible in one ear ¶ 

The music is playing, but its one-sided.

Exposed or sensitive wires ¶ 

If a portion of the aux cord is damaged, it can be easily fixed with a ...

Internal wire breakage ¶ 

If there are no issues with the cord outside the device, the internal components may be broken. Extend the size-adjuster and check the wires that run through them, ensuring they're intact. If they aren't, soldering will be necessary.

Sound is incomprehensible ¶ 

Noise is being made, but it sounds funny.

Check the plug ¶ 

Ensure that your device has been completely plugged into the audio source, and isn't being impaired by a phone case or other objects.

Clean the plug ¶ 

If the sound is fuzzy, there may be dust, sand, or dirt in the aux port of your audio player. These contents can be removed by blowing air into the port or gently wiping it with a dry cotton swab.

Check the aux cord ¶ 

Run fingers down the length of the aux cord, feeling for bumps or tears in the wire casing. If there's a break in your aux cord, mark the breaking point and refer to this guide.

Headphones can't be worn correctly ¶ 

They just won't hug your ears the right way.

Broken size adjuster ¶ 

If one of the ear-covers has become damaged or dislocated due to a broken sliding size adjuster, it can be fixed in no time. Refer to the size adjuster repair page.

Damaged ear pads ¶ 

If the foam cushioning of the headphones are damaged or dislocated, they'll need to be replaced or reattached. Refer to this guide for help.


I have an S3 and even on max they are not loud, plus the volume control doesnt work

brian goldsmith - Reply

My headphones produce sound but it's really bad quality and it sounds like I'm listening to the music from a long distance away, I have checked with other headphones and they work but not my skullcandy headphones. Anyone know what is wrong and how to fix it?

Tyler kautz - Reply

I'm having that same problem were you ever able to fix it?

Sophie Colette Pebworth -

I have the hesh 2 wireless headset. Whenever I try to turn them on they flash blue a few times, then it says pairing and then the light flashes blue and red and won't connect at all please help.

dabbol - Reply

I have a wireless Hesh 2, it produces sound when I pair it with my phone but no other sound. How can I fix this?

Davis Dankong - Reply

It pairs just fine with the phone but whenever I open YouTube or an app that has sound, I can't hear it in my headphones

Davis Dankong -

Headphones can be plugged in but automatically plays a song whenever I do things, and randomly selects Siri for some reason.

Please help.

Ariel Davis - Reply

I dont understand what do i have to do to make them work omly one side of mine is working please email me.


I dont understan what i have to do to fix it omly one side works please email me at thanks .


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