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Shark Pet Perfect II Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Shark Pet Perfect II.

My Pet Perfect II has been on the charger for more than 8 hours and still won't operate.

Ensure the charger and charging stand are plugged into an outlet. Use an outlet that has power.

The Shark Pet Perfect II will only charge when set to off. If your vacuum is not turned off, it will not charge. Turn off the vacuum then attempt to charge.

The charger can be plugged into the vacuum directly vice using the charging stand. To test your charging stand as the source of the problem, try plugging in the vacuum using the charger only.

If your charging stand or its connecting cables are damaged, this will inhibit the ability for the vacuum to charge. Consider replacing your charger and charging stand.

My vacuum will not turn on after charging. My charger and charging station are in working order.

The Pet Perfect II uses a Nickel-Cadmium battery, which according to Shark takes around 16 hours to charge. If 16 hours of charging provides a few minutes of operation, you may need to replace the battery pack. You can call Shark Customer Care at 1-877-581-7375 or visit here to order a replacement battery pack. To replace the battery pack, check the guide here.

My vacuum has low suction and low pick up power during operation.

Ensure the suction cup is free of debris and other blockages. These blockages may inhibit the power of suction that the vacuum is able to produce.

A full dust cup can also contribute to low suction power. Remove the dust cup and empty into the nearest receptacle. Replace dust cup and attempt operation.

A cracked or damaged dust cup can cause a loss of air seal for the Pet Perfect II. This loss of seal can hinder the ability for the vacuum to operate. If your dust cup is broken, a replacement can be found here.

Suction power can also be determined by the battery charge. Ensure the vacuum is fully charged before operation. The suggested charge time is 16 hours.

The brush in the suction attachment will not spin.

If the motorized brush in the suction of the vacuum will not spin, ensure the brush is free of debris and other material that may be restricting movement of the brush. If needed, the brush can be removed and reinserted to free it of hair and other material.

If the brush is otherwise damaged, Shark does not provide a replacement brush and you may need to consider replacing your vacuum.

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I seriously haven’t had this much over 30 days and it won’t spin! It’s not full of debris and I feel you should absolutely replace it!! I love this for my couch and steps, why wouldn’t you replace if it’s defective?

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