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Shark Navigator Lightweight Upright Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will assist with diagnosing problems and applying solutions for the Shark Navigator Lightweight Upright vacuum.

Vacuum Turned on but Not Picking Anything Up  ¶ 

After many attempts of trying to vacuum up the same piece of debris, the suction is still too weak.

Faulty Brush Head ¶ 

If the vacuum’s power is on, but fails to pick up dirt, the issue may be a stalled revolving brush head. The brush head could be broken or otherwise incapable of operating. For brush head replacement, click here

Clogged Lift away vacuum motor ¶ 

If vacuum components are clear and appear to be working properly, the vacuum motor may be failing. This is the central motor in the heart of the vacuum that provides the suction.

Vacuum has Foul Odor When Turned On  ¶ 

Smell coming from vacuum is foul and getting stronger.

Full Dust Cup ¶ 

If the dust cup is full, empty and clean it. If the smell remains, remove filter cup and wash foam pads. Additionally, the dust cup may need to be replaced, for proper replacement,click here.

Burnt Motor ¶ 

If there is a burning smell, the motor may be failing. Consider a motor replacement. For replacement guide, click here.

Vacuum Not Turning On  ¶ 

Vacuum is switched on, but nothing is happening.

Poor Outlets/connections ¶ 

Make sure vacuum is completely plugged into outlet. Check if outlet is working. If not, try a separate outlet. If unsuccessful, could be a wiring issue.

Hose Blockage ¶ 

There may be blockages in the hose. The vacuum is equipped with a safety feature that prevents the vacuum from powering on in response to blockage. Check to see if hose is clear. To detach hose, click here.

Vacuum Difficult to Push  ¶ 

Vacuum will hardly move.

Stiff Wheels ¶ 

If vacuum is difficult to push, something may be caught in the wheel. Inspect wheel and clean out debris. If this does not resolve the issue, consider replacing the wheel.

Jammed Brush Head ¶ 

There may be potential blockages formed from rugs or other forms of lengthy material. This material can wind around and prohibit the brush head from rotating, limiting the ability to move the vacuum. For Brush Head inspection, click here.

Vacuum Makes Odd Sounds  ¶ 

Once the vacuum is turned on, it is making a funny noise.

Debris in hose ¶ 

If vacuum is making sounds, debris may be caught in the hose. To remove debris, take off the hose and clear the hose. To detach hose, click here.

Full Bin ¶ 

The bin may also be full. Thoroughly clean the bin out and continue use. If any problems arise refer to solutions above for troubleshooting.


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