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Shark Cordless Pet Perfect Troubleshooting

Shark Cordless Pet Perfect is a handheld vacuum that is designed for pet hair cleaning. Model Number SV75Z_N

Vacuum Will Not Turn On ¶ 

The vacuum does not turn on or show any indication of powering on.

Faulty Battery Terminals ¶ 

Make sure wires are inserted into the battery all the way repair or replace damaged wires. Follow the replacement guide for a step by step instructions.

Faulty Charging Port ¶ 

Check connections on the charging port and check inside to see if the connection inside the port are damaged. Make sure terminals are properly connected. Follow the replacement guide for a step by step instructions.

Vacuum Not Picking Up ¶ 

The vacuum pass over the debris and does not pick it up.

Bad Front Belt/Front motor ¶ 

Make sure the front belt is attached to the motor and brush roller, check power connections to the front motor. Make sure belt is attached to the motor and brush roller. Follow the replacement guide for a step by step instructions for the Front motor, and follow the replacement guide for a step by step instructions for Front belt.

Clogged Filter ¶ 

Make sure filter is properly installed if not remove and reinstall correctly. Make sure filter is not full of debris. Follow the replacement guide for a step by step instructions.

Main Suction Motor Not Working ¶ 

Check connection on the motor and make sure the impeller is not jammed. Follow the replacement guide for a step by step instructions.


When the vacuum is turned on is the brush roll supposed to spin because mine doesn't

Mary - Reply

The brush roll has its own motor. You have to buy a replacement. It costs about half the cost of the vacuum itself! I just bought one… and now the actual vacuum has completely died on me. This thing has been nothing but money and hassle!

i8yourmom4lunch - Reply

After a few seconds of being on it turns itself off and flashes between the hardfloor and carpet settings before turning off completely! It’s done this with both batteries and is just new so have no idea what is wrong with it?

Claire - Reply

Did you find an answer Claire, mine does the exact same!

Linda -

Mine is also doing the same! have you found an answer yet?

amarler1 -

Hard floor and carpet lights both on at same time. So don't know what setting it's on. New machine about 5 weeks old

Jeannie - Reply

how can we be sure that replacing a part will fix the problem? i’m sure there are DMM tests that can be run in advance to be sure. Also, how are we supposed to know specifics about replacement parts without further research? Part numbers and manufacturers should be listed in the article.

James Melendez - Reply

Mine is doing the same thing. I’ve cleaned the filters and the vacuum head and the batteries are fully charged. My vacuum is three months old. I’ve even recommended it to others! What the heck!

Monica Cyr - Reply

Me again… check out a trouble shooting video by a young man from the UK. Within minutes my vacuum was fixed! My pipe was completely clogged and the only way I could tell was to remove the head and motor. I checked the flexible hose part first. I then held the pipe up to the light but couldn’t see a thing. This told me there was a clog. I had to straighten out a wire hanger to get down to the clog. I carefully jabbed at it. Globs of dog hair and debris came out. This took several times, and with each time debris came out, I checked through for the light. I couldn’t believe how jammed it was! Again, check out the you tube trouble shooting. Back and running perfectly!!

Monica Cyr - Reply

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