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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Samsung NP700Z5AH

The laptop shows no signs of power and will not turn on. Unplug your AC Power Adapter, and remove the device’s battery, then plug both the AC Adapter and laptop battery back into place.

Make sure that the power adaptor is plugged in and the charging indicator light is on. If the adaptor is plugged in and the charging indicator light is not on, then the power adaptor is faulty. Replace the power adaptor.

Make sure that a working power adaptor is plugged into the laptop. If the laptop does not charge or turn on when the adaptor is plugged in, the battery is faulty. Replace the battery using this guide.

When I play sound through the laptop, it is quiet or distorted.

If sound is distorted or silent both through the laptop’s speakers and when headphones are plugged in, you may need to update the laptop’s audio drivers. To reinstall drivers, adjust your Windows update settings to automatically download and install recommended updates.

If sound quality is normal when listening through headphones, but distorted when listening through the laptop’s speakers, the speakers may be damaged. Replace the speakers using this guide.

The computer is unresponsive or not running programs. If this occurs, your computer may have a poor CPU speed.

If the laptop is struggling to open basic programs, you may need to replace or upgrade your RAM.

will show you what the ram cards look like and give you an idea of how to replace them.

The hard drive may be malfunctioning because it was improperly shut down, the operating system. If it was improperly shut down, you may need to use a Windows 7 CD to reboot the computer. After rebooting the computer with the CD it should run correctly. If your computer does not boot correctly and still has issues, you may need to replace the hard drive using this guide.

The laptop is hot, unresponsive and shuts off unexpectedly. If this issue occurs, you may have dust-clogged ventilation or fans.

Dust accumulates in the laptop over time, clogging fans and blocking air flow. This dust can cause ventilation problems, trapping heat and preventing your laptop from cooling itself properly. To fix this problem, use a compressed air duster to carefully blow away dust from the vents and fan.

If your laptop is overheating try accessing the fan and spinning it with your finger. If the fan does not spin freely it will need to be replaced using this guide.

The screen is dark or doesn’t show anything at all. The screen has a crack in it.

If the screen seems too dark you may have your display light settings turned down too low. Increase the screen brightness by holding the fn key in the bottom left corner of the keyboard while pressing the f3 key in the top left corner.

If your computer is on and the screen is blank, it may just need to be reset. Hold down the power button until the computer turns off, wait ten seconds, then hold the power button until the computer powers on again. The screen should turn on as well. If the screen does not turn on you may need to replace it using this guide.

If your screen has a crack that disrupts the display you will need to replace it using this guide.


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