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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

No Screen Display ¶ 

The computer is powered on but there is nothing displayed on the screen.

Faulty screen ¶ 

Make sure the computer is not in sleep or standby mode. Test this by holding down the power button for a few seconds to power it off and try to turn it back on. The screen may have a broken back-light and need to be replaced.

Screen distortion ¶ 

Check the “display settings” under the “settings” menu to make sure the screen resolution is set properly. If there are lines on the screen, it could either be an issue with a loose connection, the screen itself, or a driver chip on the motherboard. Before replacing the screen, you need to check if the problem is with your screen or with the driver. To do this, connect a separate computer monitor to your laptop to see if the problem carries over.

Weak Battery ¶ 

Computer does not turn on or does not fully charge even though plugged in for an adequate period of time.

Loose connection to the computer ¶ 

If the computer only turns on when plugged in, make sure the battery is fully locked in place and will not slip out when gently tugging on it.

Battery cannot hold a charge ¶ 

If the laptop has been plugged in for an extended period of time and the battery does not fully charge, the battery is losing its capacity and will only continue to decrease in battery life. If the computer only turns on when plugged in and not after relying on its battery, then the battery needs to be replaced. Replace the battery using this guide.

Laptop overheating ¶ 

Laptop feels warm and fan runs frequently or does not turn off. Laptop turns off on its own at its temperature threshold.

Dust in the internal components ¶ 

Use a compressed air can to blow into the vents.

Loud fan ¶ 

Make sure laptop is in an open space and on a hard surface with all of the vents clear. The fan may be going bad and need to be replaced. Replace the fan using this guide.

Unresponsive Keyboard ¶ 

The keyboard does not respond normally or there are missing keys.

Sticky Keys ¶ 

Use a can of compressed air to blow debris from around the keys. Use a flathead screwdriver to remove the problem keys to make sure there is nothing underneath the keys. If this does not fix the problem, the keyboard may need to be replaced. Replace the keyboard using this guide.

Missing Keys ¶ 

Missing keys can be replaced by simply pressing the replacement key onto the location of the missing key. It will lock in place.

Slow Computer ¶ 

Programs run slow, trouble with installing updates, or considerable slowdown with more than one window open.

Insufficient RAM ¶ 

Check the “Windows Defender” menu under the “programs” options to disable excess programs running at startup which take resources. Use the “Memory Diagnostic Tool” which can be found by searching in the start menu to make sure there are no software problems with the memory settings. If still running slow, a RAM upgrade will improve the processing speed and performance as well as correcting a slow operating system. Replace the RAM using this guide.

Full Memory ¶ 

Backing up memory due to over download/upload programs to the RAM. While trying to run the computer, the processor does not run smoothly. This causes the computer compile to not run properly and the use won't be able to use the computer.

Unresponsive touch-pad ¶ 

The touch-pad does not respond normally.

Lack of Sensitivity ¶ 

Make sure there is no liquid or residue on the touch pad or your hands. Check the “mice and other pointing devices” section under the “Device Manager” in the computer’s system settings. Make sure the driver is up to date.

Computer will not turn on ¶ 

The computer is plugged in but the computer will not turn on.

Bad Hard Drive ¶ 

If the computer will not turn on, it could have a faulty hard drive may need to be replaced. Replace the hard drive using this guide.


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