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Samsung Gear 2 Neo Troubleshooting

Released April 2014, Samsung Smartwatch.

Samsung Gear 2 Neo won’t turn on ¶ 

'You’ve tried to wake it up, but nothing seems to work.' These possible causes which could lead to this happening.

Drained/bad battery ¶ 

To check to see if it’s just a battery problem follow these instructions.

• First try charging the watch, it might be that the battery is not charged

• If charging the watch did not work, it may be an internal problem which can be one of the following

- Bad battery

- Bad internal connection

• In either case the guide to check these can be found here Samsung Gear 2 Neo Battery Replacement.

• There are some cases where the battery is not the issue and the only thing that’s wrong with the device is the display. For a troubleshooting guide for checking the display please check ‘Display Issues’.

Motherboard ¶ 

If the battery and display do not have any issues, it is possible that the motherboard will have to be replaced. Follow the motherboard replacement instructions Samsung Gear 2 Neo Motherboard Replacement.

Keeps freezing/slow ¶ 

In most cases this is because of too many application running. Here are a few possible causes as to why this might be happening.

• First try shutting down a few applications, the RAM might be fully used up and will need to be cleared.

• If it’s still having problems or if you’re not able to shut off due to freezing, try shutting off the watch manually. Press, and hold the power button until the display is completely shut off. This normally takes about 4 – 6 seconds.

• If none of the solutions above worked then you’ll have to reset the device. If you’re able to back-up the data on your device do so, you will not be able to recover the data after a manual reset. To reset the Gear 2 Neo follow the instructions bellow.

- While in the main menu slide and go to ‘Settings’

- Scroll down until you see the option that says ‘Reset Gear’

- Wait until the process is complete, and once down the watch will be reset to how it was the day you bought it. You will be asked to download the latest ‘Gear Manager’ app. Do so to make sure your device is always up to date.

• If the device is still not working properly then you’ll have to replace the RAM or the motherboard. To do so follow this guide here Samsung Gear 2 Neo Motherboard Replacement.

Display Issues ¶ 

‘You’ve tried to wake it up, but nothing seems to work.’

Display lag ¶ 

This might just be a common screen issue so to make sure it’s nothing serious follow the steps bellow for any of these possible causes.

• Clean the display, it may just be that it has too many smudges and needs to be cleaned.

• If that did nothing then check to see if the software is up to date with the most recent updates.

• If none of these are the issue check the screen for breaks or scratches. If so then it will need to be replaced. To do so please go here Samsung Gear 2 Neo Display Replacement.

Display screen errors ¶ 

If your screen is discolored, has noticeable problems that cleaning won’t fix or if it’s broken in general without any other fix - such as resetting - then it will need to be replaced. To do so please look at our guide here Samsung Gear 2 Neo Display Replacement.

Bluetooth Connectivity Issues ¶ 

Your Gear 2 Neo does not connect to other devices via Bluetooth then these some possible causes.

Is the Bluetooth on? ¶ 

From the Home screen, swipe left to access settings. Select the Bluetooth settings on the watch. Begin pairing and complete the pairing process on the other device you’re connecting to.

Up to date version of Gear Manager Application? ¶ 

Update to the latest version of Gear Manager Application on the watch.

• Launch Samsung Gear Manager on your device

• Select your Samsung Gear 2 Neo Smart watch

• Select Software Update and update your device

Not Within Range? ¶ 

• Make sure that the devices you’re attempting to connect are within 10 meters/30 feet of each other.

• Walls can cause connectivity issues so lessen the distance between the devices.

Speaker Issues ¶ 

‘Your speaker is having some issues?’

Speaker isn't as loud as it normal is? ¶ 

• If the device has gotten damp, place the device in uncooked rice overnight.

• If the device does not recognize your voice, wipe the speaker/microphone with a paper towel and rubbing alcohol.

• If neither of these help resolve the issue then please follow these instructions for replacement here Samsung Gear 2 Neo Speaker Replacement.

Home Button ¶ 

If your home button is jammed, broken, or having other issues then you'll need to follow this replacement guide Samsung Gear 2 Neo Home Button Replacement.

Under Display Issues, the links that are supposed to point to replacing the screen actually point to replacing the battery.

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