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Samsung Galaxy Luna Troubleshooting

Released in 2016, can be identified by model number S120VL.

When phone is turned on, but nothing is showing.

If the screen of the phone is cracked or dropped the LCD display could break easily. If a mass of pixels near the area of impact on the device remain black the LCD pixels are likely dead. The only way to fix a broken LCD display is to replace the display.

If the screen of the phone is stuck in a black state despite the pressing of buttons then it is most likely out of battery. If charging the phone does not fix the issue then replacing the battery should fix the problem. If the problem still exists after battery replacement, consider replacing the screen. always check the battery's condition first before attempting to replace the screen.

The phone dies faster than anticipated.

If your phone dies faster than anticipated, you may be using numerous applications that are using excess energy. Check out which apps are using the most battery power. Turn off certain features or applications on the phone from sitting.

The batteries potential to store energy decreases when the battery becomes hot. This can be due to excessive application use. Turn off unused apps on the phone.

Keeping the phone off, replace the battery, and then recharge the phone to a complete charge. Turn on the phone once it is charged completely.

Certain phone setting is a major source for battery consumption. Display settings such as brightness and background management uses a good chunk of your battery’s power. Try lowering the brightness level of the phone as much as possible, a good solution to that is set the brightness level to auto-brightness. Avoid using live wallpapers. Live wallpapers consume a large amount of CPU, which in term can drain the battery rather quickly.

There are multiple WIFI sources, but your phone just won’t connect.

Before deciding the adaptor is faulty, check if the WIFI you are connected to requires special authorization. Some sources require additional permissions before you can actually connect to the internet, even if your WIFI setting shows the phone is already connected.

Airplane Mode is a common problem to no WIFI connection. Before assuming any technical problems, check if Airplane mode is accidentally turned on.

The headphone is plugged in but there is no sound coming out.

Dirty headphone jack can interrupt audio output of your phone, sometimes completely cut off audio sources. Make sure your headphone plug is clean before inserting into your phone’s audio terminal. Similarly, make sure the audio terminal is clean before inserting the headphone plug.

Sometimes, the audio coming through your headphone can have periodic pauses. Most of the time, the problem comes from your headphone and not your phone. Headphone with broken wires can cause audio to be distorted, in some cases with no audio at all.

Before deciding your phone is the reason for audio problems, check if the headphone you are using works with other devices. If your headphone works on other devices but not your phone, the audio terminal of your phone might be the problem.

When the phone gets very hot.

Having too much apps open strains the battery, forcing the battery to increase its energy output. An overworked battery can produce lots of heat, which is the main cause for overheating. To keep that from happening, close any unused apps that are running in the background. Also, increased brightness can also contribute to overheating, a good solution is to set the phone on auto brightness.

It is important to keep the phone away from anything that can heat it up. Avoid direct sunlight, never leave a phone unattended in the sun. With that being said, never leave the phone in a closed environment under large heat sources, such as leaving your phone in your car during a hot summer afternoon.

If the device continues to overheat, the battery may be defective. Consider battery replacement.

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I accidentally turned my brightness all the way down through another app and now I can't get into my phone and unlock it. It works it just has a black screen and can't do anything. Help plz

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