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Galaxy will not turn on ¶ 

No matter what you do Galaxy won't turn on or is continuously restarting.

Dead/drained battery ¶ 

If your Galaxy won't turn on you may simply have a drained or dead battery, especially if the device hasn't been used in a while. Try plugging your galaxy into a computer or AC adapter and wait to see if device starts to charge. If device does not respond to either charging source you may need a battery replacement.

Faulty Motherboard ¶ 

If your Galaxy does not respond to being plugged into a power source, the most plausible problem might be the motherboard. For instruction on how to replace motherboard view this page

Galaxy has cosmetic damages ¶ 

The screen or the frame of the device has a crack but the phone is fully functional.

Cracked or broken screen ¶ 

If your Galaxy has a cracked or broken screen then you may simply need to replace your screen even if the device is fully operational.

Cracked or broken mid-frame ¶ 

If your Galaxy has a cracked or broken mid - frame then your phone may be more vulnerable to breaking. To replace broken mid-frame refer to replacement guide.

Blank/unresponsive screen ¶ 

The screen appears blank or frozen but the device is fully powered.

Restart Galaxy ¶ 

Sometimes you have to restart the Galaxy for it to respond again. To restart your Galaxy when it is unresponsive, press and hold the sleep/wake button located on the right side of the device until the Samsung logo appears ( ~5 seconds).

Display Assembly ¶ 

It is possible that the display is bad if nothing seems to appear to be damaged. If Galaxy starts normally multiple times and the blank screen still occurs then the display might need to be replaced.

Motherboard ¶ 

If your Galaxy does not respond to being plugged into a power source, the most plausible problem might be the motherboard. For instruction on how to replace motherboard view this page.

Audio distortion ¶ 

When you plug in headphone or speakers the audio doesn't play properly.

Bad audio jack ¶ 

It is most likely that the cause of audio distortion is a bad audio jack once you have realized that there no problem with the external speakers. For replacement of audio jack see the audio replacement page.

Bad earpiece speakers ¶ 

It is unlikely that your phone's earpiece speaker is bad, but if found to be source of the problem you need to replace it with a new speaker.

Galaxy will not charge ¶ 

The battery will not charge when Galaxy is plugged in.

Faulty charging port ¶ 

If your Galaxy does not respond to being plugged into a power source, the problem may lie in a broken charging port. To replace charging port view the port page.

Dead battery ¶ 

If your Galaxy still won't charge you may simply have a dead battery.If device does not respond to charging source you may need a battery replacement, especially if there is no problem with the charging port.

No wireless connection ¶ 

Having trouble connecting to the internet?

Wireless connection is set off ¶ 

If your galaxy won't connect to wi-fi on it's own verify that it's wireless connection settings are enabled.

Faulty Antenna ¶ 

If you are still having problems connecting to wi-fi and the issue is not with the wireless settings then you may have a faulty antenna. If your antenna is faulty then you may need to get it replaced.

My galaxy keeps showing a message that its device memory is full so I cannot receive any messages. I deleted a whole lot of stuff but still the same message. I would like to save what I have not deleted so far and clear the phone completely but can't even do that cause when I tried transferring my pics and videos to my laptop, it is showing that the folder is empty. Anyone has any ideas?

blossomingpeach - Reply

Clean your cache from your settings menu, and buy a sd card to transfer your apps and pics, I have a 32 gb sd card and have no issues with it now, but your phone has to have a certain amount of free ram to operate properly.

sammydoll2300 -

What happened when the cell overheat and turn off completely by itself

Carla - Reply

Can't get galaxy grand prime to connect to my Google account says unfortunately Google has stopped. So therefore can't download apps

Christina Bramblett - Reply

My phone runs slow

Tammy - Reply

For some reason I'm not receiving any emails anymore. My phone keeps saying that my memory is full and same with junk files. I tried installing a few different phone applications like turbo clean, battery saver, with phone boost antivirus and few others. So I would install but still kept saying my memory was full my junk file is full and then would say I have a virus. I'm not sure at all what to do. I don't really want to do factory reset for the fact is I have some important emails that I can't lose. I'm very frustrated. Now I have uninstalled the programs that I had installed if you know what I mean or trying to explain. All else call my phone company wind.

Thank you

Jocelyn Vernon - Reply

Clear cashe and buy an sd card to transfer your apps to, simple fix

sammydoll2300 -

My galaxy grand prime SM g530h totally dead not turn on

xavier lazer lazerX - Reply

My galaxy grand prime gold SM530h will not turn on

xavier lazer lazerX - Reply

My galaxy grand prime is sometimes automatic go back to menu with out presing any key.what should i do?

a_nhice - Reply

I'm from Belize Central America my Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime was working then I plug in to charge screen went black won't turn on again won't charge

ushlove75 - Reply

It's capturing blurry photos

Pita - Reply

My Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Duos keeps on rebooting, please help me. Motlale, M.J

Motlale Jacob - Reply

my galaxy grand prime says the has stopped. what do i do

Sean Pelletier - Reply

My Galaxy Grand Prime chimes once (for no apparent reason) then will do it again at other times. My sounds for messages and phone calls are totally different. It is a distinct chime and only chimes once. I don't know how to stop it. It will wake me up in the middle of the night so I have to turn the phone off or place it in another room. I began doing this approx. 1 mo. ago.

Carole Pierce - Reply

Check your notification settings most likely is an update notification from Googleplay, look through each sound and you will find which notification is chiming

sammydoll2300 -

My Samsung grand prime keeps freezing. I must pull the battery to restart. It goes in waves of continual freezing to non at all then back again. Anyone have any idea why or how to fix this problem? I use 360 security system and on scans it shows no viruses so idk what else to do. Help.

cblume07 - Reply

Sounds like a battery issue probably dead cell completely

sammydoll2300 -

My screen is cracked and my phone is overheating and I wanna know what's the problem or do I have to replace my screen?

Heriberto Limon - Reply

My Galaxy has never been wet at any time but thr front of the screen look$ like it has a water spot under the glass and it wont go away How can I get my phone replaced or upgraded?

Bobbie Napier - Reply

My Galaxy Grand Prime shuts off all by itself somewhere around 68% battery I'm assuming the battery is dead or in bad shape and needs to be replaced. But there seems to be some other issues to I wanted to reset to factory settings and everytime I try it turns off the settings menu so settings have ended. Can anybody address these two issues for me if they know

Dan Perkins - Reply

I hv same kind of prb bro….my galaxy used to go off at around 65% three months ago..then i changed my battery and now it gets off at 80…i think its a prb of better u see a expert

ih omee -

My grand prime duos cannot connect to internet using wifi or mobile data. It can connect only using bluetooth hotspot only. Use wifi only can connect to facebook only,but using mobile data cannot connect to internet at all.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this matter,the sim 1 n sd card hub terminal are broken,so I use sim 2 only....Is it any program missing,or maybe firewall setting, or I dont know. Please help me.

Thanks for ur attention...

Lapas Narkotik - Reply

I can't make outgoing calls when Inn in Mexico. But once I cross over to USA I have no problems

Margaret Rose Hernandez - Reply

I cannot make outgoing calls from Mexico. Once I cross over to USA I have no problem

Margaret Rose Hernandez - Reply

I have the same problem how will I do?

Van houten - Reply

My Galaxy restarts on its own, it closes me out of apps, it keeps saying that TouchEiz easy home isn’t responding, half the time the screen doesn’t respond to my fingers, I have to restart it multiple times just to get it to work for a few minutes, every time I turn it on it shows my home screen, then my lock screen, then it does this again. I’m getting very annoyed at these issues and have had to resist the urge to throw my phone across the room many times. Please help.

Dominick Giordano - Reply

My galaxy grand prime has been acting up with the battery lately. I would have it charged then when I put the phone down to do something I would come back to find that it would go down alot (ex. 68% down to 32%, or even 37% down to 2%!) What can I do to fix this problem?

Neko Samantha - Reply

I'm in the message app and I'm seeing a silliotte of crayons in my messages

Lenora Satterfield Clark - Reply

While in the message app texting I see silliottes of crayons like see through one's what is wrong?

Lenora Satterfield Clark - Reply

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