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Samsung Focus Troubleshooting

Focus Won't Turn On ¶ 

The phone will not respond or show any signs of powering up

Faulty Battery ¶ 

The phone not turning on may be caused by a faulty battery. First remove the back cover, and take the battery out. Then insert the battery back in the phone, and hold down the power button until the device turns on. If the phone still does not respond, you have a faulty battery. Find the repair guide. [repair guide link here]

Faulty Charger ¶ 

Often times, the phone not turning on is a result of it being dead because it will not take a charge due to a faulty charger. To test if this is the issue inspect the charger to see if there are any broken or warped parts. Then check your outlet by plugging in another device to see if it works. If your phone still wont charge then the charger may need to be replaced.

Faulty On/Off Button ¶ 

Another cause of the phone not responding, is a faulty on/off button. First take the back cover off, and remove the battery. Then hold down the power button while you reinsert the battery. Continue to hold the power button until you see the windows splash screen. If you do not see the screen turn on, then your on/off button is faulty and will need to be replaced. Find the repair guide here [ Link to repair guide]

Bluetooth Will Not Work or Connect ¶ 

The Bluetooth will not respond or pair with other devices

Bluetooth Is Not On ¶ 

A common cause of the Bluetooth not working may be that the Bluetooth is not on. To test this go to settings, and select the Bluetooth option. Change this option to on. Next check that the Bluetooth is on for your targeted device. If they still will not pair the phone may need to be replaced, or there could be an issue with the device you are trying to pair to.

Interference ¶ 

Another Problem that can occur when trying to use Bluetooth is there can be interference from other devices that use the same spectrum, like a WiFi router for example. If you are near another device it could be interfering with your Bluetooth connection. This can be fixed by first turning the Bluetooth off. Then simply moving away from the device that could be interfering, after attempt to reconnect the Bluetooth device.

Camera Is Blurry/Wont Focus ¶ 

The Camera is blurry and will not focus on objects

===Water Damage ===

If the camera is blurry, and you see no external debris blocking it, this blurriness may be due to condensation inside of the camera. If your phone has been subdued to any water recently then this is likely to be the problem. The common solution to this problem is to leave the phone inside a bag of rice for a period of at least 24 hours.

Corrupted Application ¶ 

The camera app on your phone may be corrupted, and the focus feature may be the cause of this problem. In such a case, first clear the camera app cache. To do this go to Settings, Application Manager, All Apps, and then find your Camera app. Click on the app, and clear the app cache. Finally restart your phone, and check if the green LED is showing on the screen while taking photos.

Damaged Component ¶ 

If the blurriness continues the camera itself may be cracked, and replacing it is your best option. Inspect it for any unusual scratches, and assess any other causalities before moving forward with the replacement of the camera. You will find this guide here [ repair guide link]

Speaker Wont Work ¶ 

The speaker will not respond or the sound is of poor quality

Conflicting Connections ¶ 

If the speaker isn't working, check to see if there is a conflicting connection to any Bluetooth or MP3 devices. Sometimes phone sensors can recognize a device that isn't actually there. Exit your applications that may be initiating the speakers. If other applications are closed and there are no conflicting connections your phone speakers should respond. If not they may need to be repaired. [repair link here]

Waterlogged Speakers ¶ 

If there is no conflicting connections, restart the phone. If the problem still persists, try to remember if the phone has been exposed to any water. Often times water getting in the speakers can cause them to sound off or not work at all. If this could be the issue, place the phone in a bag of rice for at least 24 hours.

Broken Speaker ¶ 

This is more obvious if you've been noticing the speaker slightly malfunctioning before it quit working completely. Speakers often blow when being used at high volumes, and the best solution in such case is replacement. Please view the replacement guide if this is the case. [replacement guide link here]

Screen Is Frozen/ Not Responding ¶ 

The screen is frozen and will not respond

Overuse ¶ 

Many times a phone may freeze because too many applications are running. The device is not able to process all of the information fast enough so the screen freezes. When you first notice that the screen is unresponsive, press the power button twice to have the screen refresh. If the screen doesn't refresh, hold the power button with the home button together to see the reboot menu. Restart the device. If the screen is still unresponsive, remove the back cover and take the battery out for a short period of time. Then reinsert the battery and turn on the phone.

Malware ¶ 

If you have restarted your phone, and it is still not responding, you may have a malware problem. This is the software that runs in the background. It can rob your device of processing power to the point where it becomes unresponsive. Attempt to correct this by uninstalling any applications that could be slowing down your device or corrupting your phone.

Outdated OS ¶ 

The Samsung Focus comes equipped with Windows mobile OS 7. This is the first mobile Windows OS release so it may be the root of a number of common software issues. The Samsung Focus should be updated to the Windows 7.5 Mango for maximum performance.


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