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Right to Repair



I am a junior at Eastern Washington University and I have been at Eastern for 2 years. Prior to this I went to a community college in my hometown. I am a Visual Communication design (VCD) major and also may be getting a minor in communications or another subject as I am close to a few different minors. I plan to graduate next year with my BA in VCD and a minor in something else. After that I want to go to grad school for business and I eventually want to own my own business someday.

A few skills that I have and believe will be valuable for this project are creativity, design skills, working well with groups, and time management. I love to create things and I have done many DIY projects in the past however I do not have a lot of experience with repairing things and using tools. Most of the things I create and do DIY projects on are art and craft type projects. So this project will be new for me and is definitely out of my comfort zone, but I am very excited for it and to see how it turns out.