Repair Manifesto Translations

Once a translation is complete and has been laid out in InDesign, it will be posted to

Once a translation is 'reviewed', we need to lay out each language. If you have InDesign, you can lay it out yourself. We need volunteer designers do it. Once the layout is done, email a PDF to and we'll add it to

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NOTE: Red links mean that the translation has not been started.


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Please insert a link for Danish, and I will translate.


Leif Herner, Denmark

Leif Herner - Reply


Helooo -

will work on the Filipino version

Al Alegre

Al Alegre - Reply

Italian translation is being refined :)

Dami B - Reply

Hi, Portuguese, Brasil version contains some spelling and gramatical errors. Can I revise it?

cervejacomcereja - Reply