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Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma Troubleshooting

The Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma is a headset designed for gamers. Razer's product is a USB gaming headset aiming to provide a surround sound gaming experience.

The Headband Cannot be Adjusted ¶ 

You cannot properly fit the headset onto your ears.

An Obstruction is Blocking the Headband ¶ 

There may be a physical object stuck in the track of the headband, not allowing you to properly adjust the length. Make sure the area is clean and clear of any possible debris.

The Headband is Bent ¶ 

The headband could be bent, not allowing the headband to expand and contract efficiently. Try to bend the headband back into its proper shape, using pliers may provide a better grip to straighten the headband. If these options do not work, the headband may have to be replaced completely.

The Headband is Snapped ¶ 

If the headband has snapped, a temporary adhesive can be applied (tape or glue) for continued use until the headband is replaced or reinforced. If it is snapped, it will not expand and contract properly until it is fully replaced.

The Microphone is Not Working ¶ 

There is an issue with the microphone and it is not picking up the user's voice properly.

The Microphone is Not Properly Situated ¶ 

The microphone may be too close to your mouth, which causes sound distortion. Too much noise is being registered. Readjust the mic further away from the mouth.

The microphone may be too far away from your mouth, resulting in a lack of sound. Readjust the mic closer to your mouth.

The Driver May Not be Properly Installed on the Computer ¶ 

A driver is necessary for the microphone to properly work and connect to the computer. Go to Razer's website and download the driver program manually. Follow this link to download.

The Microphone May Have Water Damage or be Overused ¶ 

Water damage or overuse can only be fixed by replacing the microphone itself. Follow the link to our repair guide for replacing the microphone.

The Sound is Not Working Properly ¶ 

You are having sound-related issues with the headset and/or the computer it is plugged into.

The USB is Not Plugged In ¶ 

The headset may not be completely plugged into the computer. Make sure the usb is fully inserted into the usb port on the computer.

The Computer May Have a Formatting Issue ¶ 

If everything is plugged in completely, the problem may stem from the formatting of your computer. Follow this link for the formatting steps.

The Speaker May Have a Short Circuit ¶ 

Having a short circuit in the speaker is a common problem. Replacement of the speaker is necessary. Follow the link to our repair guide on how to replace the speaker.


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