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Protocol Kaptur GPS Troubleshooting

Protocol Wi-Fi drone with HD camera and VR headset. Model number 6182-7XB, comes in black or white.

One of the four rotors is either visibly damaged, or will not spin fast enough to provide lift.

Remove damaged rotor(s) by unscrewing the top screw. The drone should come with replacement rotors, make sure you look at the letter on either side of the center, and match that to the correct arm of the drone (ie. if the arm has an A on it, make sure you connect one of the two replacement rotors labeled with A).

Make sure the rotor is screwed in all the way. The drone comes with a screwdriver meant for rotor replacements, ensure that each rotor is tightened securely.

You're going to have to open the drone up. Follow this guide to replace the motor.

The drone won't respond to power button

Make sure the drone's battery is sufficiently charged. The drone came with a USB charging device. Unplug the battery from the drone and insert the charging plug, then plug the USB into a computer, or power adapter. The lights will flash green while charging. The lights will turn steady when the battery is fully charged. A full charge will take about 140 minutes, and last for about 12 minutes of flight.

If you've tried charging the battery and no lights come on, first double check that the device or adapter you are using to charge the battery is functional. If it still doesn't work you can follow this guide to replace your battery.

If the battery has charge, but the drone will still not power on, you may need to replace the main circuit board. Follow this link for instructions on how to replace the circuit board.

Remove the screw on the back of the remote, then pull on the tab to the right of the screw. The back panel should come out, then you can replace the four AA batteries.

The VR picture either doesn't work or doesn't look right.

Make sure your phone is sitting evenly inside the VR headset. If you have a large case on your phone you will probably need to take it off. Also, make sure that the app for the drone is set to VR mode, you will know it's working when you see the same image split twice on your screen side by side.

If one of the lenses looks cracked or significantly scratched, you'll need to follow this guide to replace it.

If the problem seems to be with the drone itself, first make sure that you've properly connected the app to the drone. Connect your phone to the wifi signal that your drone outputs.


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