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Philips Norelco Shaver 2100 Troubleshooting

Shaver Will Not Start ¶ 

Shaver doesn't respond when power button has been pressed.

Defective Adapter ¶ 

Check if the power adapter is plugged in and the charge light is on. If not then your charging adapter might be faulty.

Low Battery ¶ 

Check if your battery is charged by plugging in the charger and making sure the indicator light is green and not red.

Replace the Battery ¶ 

If the battery won't charge at all then the battery might be faulty and you might need a replacement for that, follow this guide to replace the battery.

Shaver Wont Charge or Hold Charge ¶ 

Your battery might be faulty.

Replace Battery ¶ 

Your battery might be the reason why the shaver is not working, so replace the battery with a new one by following this guide.

Check the Indicator Light ¶ 

The indicator light on the shaver can tell you if the battery has faulty wiring. If you see any light, then the wiring is not faulty and it’s the battery that needs to be replaced.

Pop Up trimmer Comes Apart ¶ 

While opening the trimmer the springs might come loose.

Replace the Trimmer ¶ 

Sometimes when you open the pop up trimmer the spring that retracts the trimmer might also come apart with it. You can follow this guide to replace the spring and the trimmer.

Replacing the Casing ¶ 

The pop up trimmer may be coming apart due to a defective casing. In this case, follow this guide for dismantling and reassembling the shaver casing.

Shaver Blades Do Not Cut Properly ¶ 

Your blades might have gone blunt and all you need is a replacement.

You Might Have to Remove Hair Build Up from the Blades ¶ 

Clean out the shaver head by simply pushing the button that opens it up and clean all the hair that is stuck between the blades.

Replacing the Shaver Heads ¶ 

The shaver heads are the silver circular parts on the head of the shaver that come in contact with the skin. You have to remove the old shaver heads and reinstall new ones to have a fresh and sharp shave. Follow this guide to install new shaver heads.

Trimmer Stops Suddenly After Turning On ¶ 

This happens because your battery is faulty or the shaver is dead.

Replacing the Shaver Head Seat ¶ 

You might need to align the shaver head seats to ensure the shave runs properly, sometimes when mechanical parts collide/rub against each other things don’t run properly. You can follow this guide to replace the shaver head seat.

Shaver May Be Overheating ¶ 

If the shaver is overheating, that might cause the trimmer to stop. In this case the most feasible course of action would be to buy a new trimmer.


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