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Nostalgia GCM-200 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Nostalgia GCM-200 home gummy candy maker. Device not starting, too much heating up, any issues with power button or cable, sticking gummy jelly on the mold, etc. are given as follows.

When the switch turned on, nothing happens to the device.

Plug into another outlet to see if that helps. Test the outlet with a different device to ensure the outlet is functioning. You may need to hit the "reset" button on the outlet to resume power flow.

Power button does not turn the device on. Cycle the power by switching the power on and off. Plug the device into a different outlet and cycle the power. If you still are not getting power to your device, you may need to replace your power switch. Follow this guide to replace your switch.

When removing it from the box uncoil the wire and let it straighten out and run it under the molds.

Candy does not melt in the hearing pod

Wait 5 to 10 minutes for the device to warm up before putting the candy in. If your device is plugged in, you've tried cycling the power and changing outlets, and there is still no heat, you may have a faulty heating coil. Follow this guide to replace the heating coil.

Make sure to only use the recommended amount of candy or sugar for the device. Overloading the extractor head can prevent the candy or sugar from melting completely.

Reduce amount of sugar if it overs the limitation .

If the device takes a long time to warm up or does not warm up enough to melt the candy or sugar, it is likely that the heating element has gone bad. open the device by tools and check if heating coil is working properly or not . If heating coil is not working change it with replacement guide .

When you let the device warm up smoke comes from under the heater.

if the device has been used for long time without any clean, candy residue might have left inside and might reach heating element, they might cause burning inside. Properly clean device every-time after using.


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